Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet delayed at EU PlayStation Day

"Just to confirm the earlier Killzone 2 release date of February 2009--no news on whether this is worldwide, but as this is a European conference, that will definitely be the Euro release date. Thus far, this delay has been announced for Europe only

"LittleBigPlanet will be released on the PlayStation 3 in October. Hirai highlights the success of PlayStation Network, and says that communities will make PlayStation hardware the "staple diet for gamers." [UPDATE] Thus far, this date has been announced for Europe only." writes

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Fishy Fingers3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I thought there was to be a playable Killzone demo at the show? If so why can't I find any impressions?

And Motor Storm 2 trailer?

Oh yeah, topic : Umm delays yeah, oh well, I'll get by.

masterg3820d ago

When I saw delayed and LBP in the same title I was like No F**king way.
Then I read that it was set for October. Now it's ohh F**king yeah baby.

gaffyh3820d ago

I thought LBP was meant to come out in it doesn't even feel like that was delayed to me. Bad news about Killzone though.

SUP3R3820d ago

Why are people constantly saying Killzone 2 is delayed?? It never had a release date and initially all signs were pointing to 2009 anyway so I don't understand where this "delayed" talk is coming from.

CyberSentinel3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

...brings a certain warmth to my heart.

@Kaz Hirai: Where's your "Judgement Day" countdown now?

sak5003820d ago

LOL more like Judgement DukeNukem Forever Day.

Their list of AAA games keep hoping from year to year with one or 2 new titles added to it.

DomUltra3820d ago

Lol atleast the PS3 has games for 2008, and 2009, all you guys got is Gears of War 2, and your telling me thats suppose to last you 2-3 years, lol pathetic bots like sakofshіt500, and CyberPedophile, don't know what to argue.

Kaz Hirai3820d ago

Right here, you IMBECILE!

37 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


alexM3820d ago

LBP is coming in 2008 OCtober

Resistance 2/Motorstorm 2/LBP/SOCOM/WKS/MGS4 are all coming this year


no games in 2008 and beyond

ohhhhh GAYERS2---on that uesless and BACKDATED unreal engine3

GAYLO3 at 540P

alexM3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

LBP is coming in 2008 OCtober

Resistance 2/Motorstorm 2/LBP/SOCOM/WKS/MGS4 are all coming this year


no games in 2008 and beyond

ohhhhh GAYERS2---on that uesless and BACKDATED unreal engine3

GAYLO3 at 540P



x360 has 0 games for 2008 and this TARD talks trash??

haa XBUTTS go play multiplat games on XFIX ME at 720P cuz there is nothing on XFIX ME worth playing

lawman11083820d ago

Too easy.....Too easy! D3LAY B3YOND Sony Douche Force! come on AlexM (aka, Tanod, Nasim,Shmee) Spin it beioutches

Sir Ken Kutaragi3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

...brings a certain warmth to my heart...

...You xBox JEALOUS Lemmings will NEVER get...
KillZone 2 ;-P WOW! What a Next-gen game-play video that was!!! ;-P
Resistance 2
GTA5;) (Only on PS3)
MotorStorm 2
The Getaway 3
HOME (You xBot Lemmings will be HOMELESS for EVER!!!) ;-D
+FREE internet Play!!! ;-D

'PLAY-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D

+WOW! Played 'HaZe' demo and it ROCKS!!! ;-P

+The Moderator wants to "hunt and kill" me??? And xBot Lemmings can say that??? Strange!!! ;-D

p.s What a Handsome man in that main photo!!! ;-D

ravinshield3818d ago

thank god im not WAITING B3YOND like the rest of ya ps3 losers

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AngryXbot3820d ago

LBP releasedate planned for october, it said.

Guy claims its delayed.

Last I heard LBP was due END of this year. If its coming in October, then its actually moved up. Not delayed.

LevDog3820d ago

Ok It dont matter.. after watching the KZ2 gameplay footage.. Take your time.. If you can make the whole game look that good.. Then by all means make it perfect and release it when it is truly done without bugs..

Ill have Socom, MGS4/MGO, Haze, R2 to keep me busy till these 2 games come out..

In fact its prolly better.. I couldnt handle all these great games all at once

wolfehound223820d ago

Funny thing is I really don't really remember them giving release dates for Killzone or LBP.

deeznuts3820d ago

SCEE set a tentative date for this Fall. Then SCEA said there was no date tentative or other. So now that SCEE is saying next February, it's a pseudo-delay, caused by them.


Megaton3820d ago

The only thing even remotely close to a Killzone 2 release date was the E307' trailer having "2008" at the end. No specifics were ever given.

I'm pretty sure LittleBigPlanet had been slapped with a September release date sometime in the past couple months, so technically it is a delay... a 1 month delay.

badz1493820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

although I've also been giving up lately for KZ2 because, you official release date and no news in almost a year...after watching that gameplay video, I'm hyped again and OMG does KZ2 look really, REALLY AMAZING! it's AWESOME!! I don't remember seeing anything that amazing even in CoD4 and I've never played CRYSIS on very high setting!! but if the final built is around that(which we can actually expect more because it'll be another 9 month before release), they said Feb 09, then Feb 09 it is!! I'm so going to buy it! but please no more delay! it's been too long a wait already!

Feb 09 is a very good timing! I'm also worried that both KZ2 and R2 will be released in the same time frame and make me have to choose either! but as both games are Sony-published, they've made a very smart move! R2 is looking great and pretty sure to make its fall release date(it's Insomniac afterall and we knew they're punctual), this is more a business strategy, I think! but to Guerilla, even though may be there are none of you are going to read this, please make it GREAT and pull down CoD4 as the best looking FPS crown already! Activision is lately being big headed saying their CoD4 have no competition! I really hope KZ2 will be the one knocking them off!! competiton is always good right?

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