flOw PS4 Review: Eat or be eaten in 1080p

PSU - In flOw, you play as an aquatic organism that develops by eating other organisms--or becomes weaker by being eaten. Don’t worry, it’s nothing gory, but this 'eat or be eaten' is the driving force behind this game. Still, survival is a somewhat-backseat force, as thatgamecompany’s true MO is to raise emotions in the gamer. The underwater world of flOw is beautiful and surreal, with particles that my friend (a scuba diver) noted look very realistic. In addition, flOw is full of ethereal tones and relaxing sounds that mesh well with the underwater world, but contrast sharply with the predator-versus-prey nature of the game. As my good friend and I played flOw, we did feel a sense of emotion in both ecological roles.

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yewles12380d ago

Technically, the PS3 version was 1440p (720p with 4xSSAA)...