Minecraft: The Best Example of Games as Art

Hardcore Gamer: It’s safe to say that Minecraft has become one of biggest gaming phenomenons ever, earning mass cultural significance and merchandising opportunities, all while solidifying Persson’s creative mastery and contributing to the indie game boom of the 2010s, but Minecraft has taught many gamers and developers alike that there are ways to approach game design from other angles and still provide a fulfilling experience. When it comes right down to it, gaming hasn’t had the kind of creative milestone Minecraft has shown in a long time. It uses the gaming medium in groundbreaking ways that no other medium can use; it is a work of art in every sense of the matter.

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admiralvic2382d ago

I got to disagree. There were games before Minecraft that gave you the tools to make your own "world" and I would say it's about as artsy as say LittleBigPlanet (arguably less so, because LBP is very stylized and unique). Even then, I don't think a game like this really counts as art, but perhaps a medium for art, though again, thats pushing it.

I just can't see the title being more artsy fartsy than ICO, SOTC, LBP, Tearaway, Dragon's Crown, Muramasa and many many other games.

SpiralTear2381d ago

But are you judging the artistic value of a game solely by its graphic or aesthetic design? If so, then no retro game can be called art at all. Also, that's judging a game's artistic value based on another medium's standards. Under that logic, music should be judged by visual art logic and cannot be art at all.

That's not how art is judged. If it was, David Cage games would all be the highest art, regardless of whether or not they support the fundamentals of being games at all.

Hicken2382d ago

AN example? Sure.

The BEST? Not even close.