Add HAZE to the Sub-HD Generation - 576p


"As seems to be the norm this console generation, not all games can hit that elusive 720p HD resolution. First Halo 3, then GTA4 (PS3) and now the PS3 exclusive Haze."

Resolution according to the demo.

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Rob4Vendetta3870d ago

thats a really low resolution...what is this?? PS1??

techie3870d ago

ps1 was like 36by10 or summit...

zimbo0073870d ago

the final version is not out yet

No one had any hands on the final version of HAZE

that guy QUAZ is judging by the DEMO not the full game (final version)

cloud3603870d ago

demo of Haze" .........not the final version. The DARKNESS demo ran at 576P but the final version ran at 1080P

techie3870d ago

Are you insane? There has been NO examples of a demo resolution being less than the final game - especially when the final game releases less than a month after the demo. The game has been finished for a long time now, and they don't just up the resolution at the last minute. It's not as simple as that.

The demo resolution is the final resolution for the game. Just like it was with The Darkness, which was nowhere near native 1080p.

Statix3870d ago

The final version of The Darkness on PS3 also ran at 576p. This is according to the Face-Off article.

zimbo0073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

this is the DEMO not the final version of the GAME

OFCOURSE DARKNESS final version ran at 1080P NATIVE on PS3

CrazzyMan3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

i mean look at KillZone 2, 720p and i think 60fps, becase it looks very alive..
why Haze not in 720p? maybe because they didn`t wanted to delay till next year..
well little sacrifice for a release time.
i can live with that, because i know the REAL power of ps3. =)

pharmd3870d ago

add these stats n news reports to the LAME generation

Gorgon3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

from your link:

"All titles have been checked as being 1080p compatible firsthand by the back of the game box and/or by owning/playing the game at 1080p resolution. Unlike what is happening on the Xbox 360 game boxes, Sony doesn’t advertise 1080p on the back of game boxes unless it is a truly native 1080p title. A good example of this is the game Warhawk where in the Playstation Store they say it scales “up to 1080p” not that it is native 1080p."

So according to that source GTA IV is running at native 1080p on the PS3 because "it says so in the back of the box..."

Ghoul3870d ago

you guys have some serious problems,

i give a flying f**k what resolution a game runs on,as long as it looks sharp on my hdtv

what are you whining about ???

Pixel counters are the most pathetic breed i have yet faced in the gaming community, even worse then hardcore fanboys.

vickers5003870d ago

This puts a dent into the reasoning for a 10 dollar "next-gen" tax. If they cant have their games run at what they promised, or even the minimum (720p), then they should not overcharge and make us pay 10 dollars more. The next gen is awesome, but its not worth paying more than last gen.

PSMonster213869d ago

The demo is quite old i think. I saw it on gamespot awhile ago.

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Gamingisfornerds3870d ago

Either way, resolution is way overrated anyway. What resolution does COD4 run at again, 640p? It sure as hell beats the crap out of most, if not all 720p/1080p games out there.

Really high resolutions are just not worth the trade off, yet. Once we start approaching photorealism it will become more of an issue. I'll take sub 720p with added fx over 720p + without those fx anyday.

Panthers3870d ago

Resolution is overrated. If the game looks good, then great. Haze is looking sharp. I might pick it up for the story.

Gorgon3870d ago

Breakfast is right. 576p is just too low. And on top of that, the graphics suck so bad it hurts. The jungle looks like it came out from some Uncle Scrooge comic book. The physics interaction with the enviroment is non-existant.

With all respect to the developers, but I played better games on the PC 6 years ago. There's no excuse for this.

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Cartesian3D3870d ago

who cares ?

for FPS games : SOLID framerate matters.. and I saw many 720p screens from HAZE , they were awesome (alittle cartoony but beautiful)

anyway demo looks amazing too , and its not even final build..

Ri0tSquad3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Lol, I don't know what to say. Xbox fanboys will have a party with this but I don't think anyone was really hyping this game too much.

@ zimbo007

Lol, if your a real gamer you won't care. Plain and simple. A game's resolution doesn't change how good or bad a game is.

zimbo0073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

"As previously reported, a demo of Haze can be found on the Playstation Store, "

pathetic attempts by XBOX fanboys to make PS3 look bad

judging REZ by a DEMO??

JOLLY13870d ago

is this nasim again???

tatotiburon3870d ago

hahaha where this guy pickup nicknames? nasim, schemee, zambrota, alexme (only wich i remember, there's a lot more), now zimbo007...get a life dude

zimbo0073870d ago

"As previously reported, a demo of Haze can be found on the Playstation Store, "

WOW judging a GAME by the DEMO

InYourMom3870d ago

alex/nasim: Looks like you didn't wait until you got down to the last bubble before making yet another account.

Up to your same crap with reporting this story as fake!

Your only claim to the opposite is that it's just a demo?

The game is just a couple weeks away, you think they are suddenly going to give you a 1080p game at 60fps?

alexM3870d ago

You do realize that they are talking about the DEMO but not the FINAL version of the GAME

"As previously reported, a demo of Haze can be found on the Playstation Store, "

story reported as FAKE

Kleptic3870d ago

its not 'fake'...its that the PS3..and 360 for that matter...only have 512mb of ram...

CPU processing power is where the PS3 has a lot of potential...but not in memory...and memory is directly correlated with rendering size...

its just a matter of cost apparently...both systems can run some pretty impressive stuff at a native 720p...some developers save the time and money for other areas though...

Thank BD for that...the original PS3 dev kits where spec'd to have a gig of ram total...that was back when the PS3 was supposed to have 2 HDMI outputs that could run indepenantly of each other (like stepping 2 monitors)...then the diode cost skyrocketed, and some features were dropped to get the price of the console down...the ram was one of them...

brothersimon3870d ago




/me goes to play GTAIV... in 720p lolololoioloulouloulululululul ul

360 bitcahes.

Varsarus3870d ago

The Assassin's Creed developers said the PS3's & 360's memory are handled differently, but seeing as the XDR RAM is incredibly fast, fastest RAM out there, I can't see why developers use low resolutions on PS3, but seeing as this is Free Radical's first PS3 game, it might make sense, but yeah, I think it is cost's aswell.

PSMonster213869d ago

If its based on the demo, the demo is actually quite old. It was shown awhile ago, on gamespot, i believe.

ravinshield3868d ago

yea fuk your superior console,sh!t cant even hit 720p.

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