XSEED teases 'Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus' U.S. release for PS Vita

Judging by the upper left silhouette seen in XSEED's holidays card posted Thursday, the publisher may be bringing "Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus" for the PS Vita in North America.

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Snookies122386d ago

I will buy this... To research Japanese culture... Yeah, that.

Lol, but seriously this looked kinda interesting so I might pick it up if they do bring it over.

2385d ago
Sharius2385d ago

yes, yes, yes.... bring these bazongas to the west please!!!!

Hicken2385d ago

Yoked out bazongas! Sign me up!

Kinda surprised this article's been up so long and yet there's no sign of CrossingEden. This is the type of thing he loves to get on his high horse(a Shetland pony, ironically) about.

Gooch_suplex_Hold2385d ago

YES...I'd buy the hell out of this.

r212385d ago

<.< copy of Shinovi Versus *.*

tubers2385d ago

Hope they'd at least release a few retail copies and not just dd.

Probably getting dd for myself tho.

chappykills2385d ago

Hopefully I came real close to buying the imported version at otakon. But desided to wait and see if it makes it to the states.. I dunno though the clothes bursting may cause a uproar which I find dumb as hell since parents get offended by that but not offended by there kid killing people in a first person shooter. I want to play this game for the gameplay and action ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.