The Biggest Surprises of 2013

IGN - "2013 was a massive year for video game news. But certain stories, like the launch of two high-end next-gen consoles, didn't exactly catch us off-guard. So which 2013 video game developments actually surprised us more than anything else? Now there's a more interesting question."

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BelkingOfSony2384d ago

Biggest surprise was how badly Microsoft messed up their xbox one reveal (not trolling)

Mister_Dawg2384d ago

While Sony totally blew their load at the reveal and bored to tears at E3.

MasterCornholio2384d ago

And when Phil Spencer announced the price.

We all know what the reaction was..,.....?

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I still remember that montage that was all about the many times they repeated TV, Call of Duty and sports.

That reveal was baaaad.

MasterCornholio2384d ago

And dont forget the water cooler.


iamnsuperman2384d ago

I think the 2DS has to top this list. That thing came out of nowhere. I think it caught journalists by surprise.

Majin-vegeta2384d ago

For me was this.I actually cried when i saw it.Been waiting years for it.

Starbucks_Fan2384d ago

The PS4's cheap price tag and that it would allow used games.

chrissx2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I remember 1st hearing all the rumors about xbone always being online and all restrictions,and thought it was a joke. My biggest suprise was how all the negative rumors about M$ came true. Not to mention that horror reveal. was just ridiculous

Agent_00_Revan2384d ago

Agreed. The reversal was shocking enough, but I was blown away that all the rumors were true and they were actually crazy enough to come up with such a plan.

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