151 Japanese Devs Name Best Games of 2013: The Last of Us Dominates, Nintendo Games Shunned

151 Japanese developers expressed their preference on the best games of 2013, and DualShockers compiled a full ranking. The Last of Us dominated, followed by Dragon's Crown, Grand Theft Auto V, and Final Fantasy XIV.

Some results are fairly predictable, others are surprising, like the fact that Nintendo and Wii U games have almost completely been shunned.

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Majin-vegeta3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

TLOU everyone that i know that has played it.Love the game and call it their GOTC.

Sad to see no mention of NI no Kuni :(.

@Below oh crap your right.I'm thinking of U.S relese xD

Abriael3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

There can't be a mention for Ni No Kuni. It got released in 2011 in Japan :D

Cloudberry3826d ago

It would be nice to write the name of the developers who's liking what game too.

(Yeah, it might've been a pain to write most of them, but still...)

Abriael3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Lol there's 151 of them. It'd be basically impossible to list them all in a chart.

I might actually go back and check out the most prominent names that voted for the "winning" games, I guess :D

Army_of_Darkness3826d ago

Someone picked minion rush as their game of the year?! Wtf?! That game is nowhere near goty quality.I'd go with dead trigger or anomaly 2 over that crap any day.

abzdine3825d ago

PlayStation is very strongly represented in this list.
Ni No Kuni is gorgeous game, but unfortunately not as huge and deep as the legendary JRPGs.

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showtimefolks3826d ago

GTA5 was no doubt great but this year we had a clear winner in the last of us when so many publications are not giving it to TLOU

And this is coming from the biggest GTA fanboy, GTA5 was excellent in so many ways but also it had a lot of shortcomings, biggest being the story was all over the place. We were promised Heists yet so little was actually delivered. I wanted half of the missions to be Heists and more planning,more strategy,more player choices and just more overall options

Plane missions still sucked for me personally and were just not that much fun.

Ni Nu Kuni deserves so much credit for being an excellent game too, after years of bad or just average JRPG's, we finally got an excellent one, so i believe the developers deserve a lot of credit

one game that was,is and will be the most over rated game of 2013 is Bioshock Infinite. So much was promised yet so little was actually delivered. Everyone talks about the ending and how great it was yet overlooks most of the game which at best was good

shooting felt great
bosses were more frustrating than fun
last boss and ghost boss battles were no fun
in demo's they showed Elizabeth could open new worlds yet none of that was ever really explored

There are only so many games that leave a lasting affect on us, everyone has their own choices and emotions.

MGS3 was epic and till this day the best bosses in a game ever!
Yakuza 3 when kazuma's young follower takes the bullet for him, really brought tears to my eyes

These are the games which have left a lasting affect on me for past 20 plus years of gaming.

TotalHitman3826d ago

Best game of the year is your opinion. Don't let reviewers make their opinion your belief.

showtimefolks3826d ago


i agree but sometimes developers should get credit fort their work and that's all i am saying

last year journey and walking dead

few years back demon souls won and that made me so happy lol. Sony i want demon souls 2, oh wait its coming in shape of dark souls 2 thank you lol

oIITSBIIo3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I didn't like TLOU I give it 5/10 simply it is an overrated game .

GOTY 2013 will go to Bioshock and Game of the gen is for Batman AC easily .

S-T-F-U3825d ago

That's your opinion. Mine is that TLOU was a brilliant well made well executed game that deserves GOTY. Bioshock Infinite IMO wasn't anything at all special. I would give it 4.5/10.

RedDevils3825d ago

Bioshock and Batman AC lmao

I_am_Batman3825d ago

I played and loved it. I always have trouble to name a game of the year though. Especially in such a strong year like 2013. Needless to say that it's impossible for me to name a game of the generation.

There were just too many great games that delivered completely different expiriences.

Drithe3825d ago

TLOU is the most overrated game in the history of games. Dragon's Crown was waaaay more fun and has waaay more replayability.

Magicite3825d ago

Naughty Dog alone is enough to beat all of the competition!

s45gr323825d ago

I was surprised to see that too, is a good game

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DCfan3826d ago

Glad to see Dragon's Crown get some appreciation. I think its the most fun i had all year next to P3 FES

Dreassic3826d ago

Says everythign about japanese devs

Xof3826d ago

Like what? 'Cause all I'm getting from that list + your post is that someone's probably a bigot, and it's probably not anyone who contributed to that list.


Tlou is the worlds most ovverrated game

LOL_WUT3826d ago

He's just salty Nintendo's games got shunned its good to see TLOU get recognition over seas. ;)

Joseph2253826d ago

No it's not. In fact the most overrated game ever is Red Dead Redemption.

Boody-Bandit3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

My vote goes to GTAIV as most over rated game. At least in the past several years.

On topic:
TLOU is far from over rated. The game couldn't receive enough praise IMO. TLOU is my overall 2nd favorite title on the PS3. Uncharted 2 is still number one for me. Both were simply amazing but UC2 had the luxury of coming out earlier so the TLOU wow factor was slightly lessoned by the bar being set so high by UC2. Than again I guess that would make Naughty Dog my overall favorite developer.

rambi803826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

i though i was the only one who thought that, and i love westerns. It was weird to not like it

Joseph2253826d ago

Boring story, boring characters and a world that has nothing interesting to do, after discovering all towns and speaking to all strangers. It has the minigames, but it gets old after a few times.

Knushwood Butt3826d ago

I thought the world was very well done; a great sense of immersion.

The script and voice acting are also very good.

However, I too got bored and haven't played it for months. I got up to the bit where you sail down the river and go to Mexico (?) and shoot at vultures. Then I put it down and started to play something else.