Twinfinite's Official 2013 Game of the Year

Twinfinite writes, "If you notice, we had a lot of differing top 5 lists all this week counting down to this moment. We wanted to have a special, Twinfinite-wide game of the year that we all voted on so we, too, could take part in the award ceremonies that every gaming site is doing around this time. We narrowed down from about 10 games to three: Super Mario 3D World, BioShock Infinite, and The Last of Us. We were pretty much deadlocked, with BioShock Infinite being the early favorite, followed by The Last of Us as the late gainer. Super Mario 3D World emerged as a dark horse candidate, and in the end we had three games neck and neck and were faced with a decision."

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InTheLab2379d ago

Three way tie? I hate when sites do this. At least GTA5 didn't make the cut as Bioshock and TLoU were better games. Can't speak on 3D world as I don't have a WiiU yet.

Stringerbell2379d ago

Pick a winner! "That's how we roll" is a cop out sorry.

Eonjay2379d ago

Are they actually afraid to have an opinion?

2pacalypsenow2379d ago

Jenifer Lawrence is soo sexy!

HammadTheBeast2379d ago

Well... in the end its a matter of tastes. Each one of these games did amazing in their respective genres.

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