Loot Ninja's Haze Demo Impressions

Loot Ninja writes:

"The Haze demo went up on the European PlayStation Store today and I had a chance to play through it a few times. At first, the game feels a lot like Crysis. You're in the middle of a very nice looking jungle in an enhanced suit taking out enemies. You go through a series of small of objectives (clear the area, move to point A, clear the area, move to point B, clear the area, move to point C, clear the area…). It gets a bit repetitive, but that's how shooters are these days."

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taz80803819d ago

I was hoping for more from Haze. Was hoping Nectar was a bigger proponant of the game.

drunkpandas3819d ago

Yeah it's decent, but doesn't give Haze enough of an edge to really stand out in the over-crowded FPS market

Maddens Raiders3819d ago

I was really looking for a glimmer of hope somewhere in this game and so far it seems to be rental - esque. Not cool.

solidt123819d ago

Well for me this game is still a buy. There aren't that many shooters coming out right know that can hold a stick to this game and I want to play something other than GTA IV sometime between now and MSG 4. I here the single player game is pretty good. Plus it is an Exclusive to the PS3.

zane_78493819d ago

Like any self-respecting game journalist would say anything good about Haze. It's been delayed once too many times, it's tainted goods now, we're all mad at it.

Tried out the demo just a few minutes ago was really fun, if one of my buddies pick it up I could see co-op being a blast. Graphics were great, nectar was useful and felt like more than a gimmick. What was anyone expecting? It's a good shooter from a team (free radical) that puts out good shooters.

techie3819d ago

It's using Nectar against the troopers that's more fun :D

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taz80803819d ago

Wonder if Haze will live up to all the PS3 hype it ahs been getting.

ruibing3819d ago

I just realized that Haze's biggest problem may now be post-GTA IV syndrome. Reviewers gave extraordinary scores to GTA IV, and now they've had a chance to recheck themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if Haze reviews are clouded by extra amounts of cynicism.

It's like you being extra nice or harsh towards your pet, then you realize it the next day and do a complete 180 on your behavior to make yourself feel less guilty one way or another.

fiercescuba3819d ago

Drop in and drop out co-op is awesome. That was a major problem with Halo 3. If a buddy has to leave, everyone is screwed.

drunkpandas3819d ago

I agree. Any game that supports online co-op should have drop in/out capabilities. Nothing worse than having to stop 3/4 through a mission because someone's internet bounces

Ace Ventura3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

OMG!!!! DUDE I SWEAR TO GOD I just played through the CO-op Haze demo with Ngai Croal!!!! I knew it was him as soon as I heard his voice and his PSN: Ngai LMAO!!!

DUDE I JUST PLAYED Haze with Ngai hahahahhahahahahaha and I kept dieing.

Ngai Croals PSN name is Ngai.... just his name. I SWEAR!!! Try to message him!!

castags3819d ago

Get a towel and clean that up bro.

Ace Ventura3819d ago

LMAO [email protected]

I thought it was pretty crazy. He's real big in the gaming community, ya know?

RAF-TECH3819d ago

the fat black ps3 fanboy?

Ace Ventura3819d ago

lol it was so funny. His name is Ngai on PSN. I was like dude is this forreal? And we kept dieing over and over.

The Haze demo is good, BTW.

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Lucreto3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

It is only the first level of an older build. Since when are the first level the most interesting. For example I hated the start of FFVII so I did it slowly once and kept the save outside Midgar and I start there all the time now.

I relied on nectar all the way through the demo. For me that shows the addictive nature. I bet by the time you switch sides you will try to continue to administer even though you don't have it any more.

Thanks for the bubbles fiercescuba.

fiercescuba3819d ago

@ lucreto:

very good point. bubbles for you. the demo levels are always meh.

GametimeUK3819d ago

Uncharted, Skate and R&C all had good levels for their demos XD

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