Five Video Games That Need To Be Ported To Next-Gen Consoles

A bevy of current-gen video games were released on Xbox One and PS4 at the launch of those consoles, from Call of Duty: Ghosts to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

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DxTrixterz2383d ago

Red Dead Redempion

TopDudeMan2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

See. I agree on GTA V, because it came out so close to the release of the new systms, but I don't understand why you'd want skyrim and red dead redemption. You had plenty chance to play those.

For that same reason, I also think they're going to do dark souls 2. But I think GTA V and DkS2 are about the only 2 on that list that have a chance.

kazuma9992382d ago

I would like to see old games like psychonaut or spyro instead D: and even zone of the enders also .hack games those games are beasts.

FamilyGuy2382d ago

How about: Any game that would take 3 months or less to port from the PC version? Good games (from the last year or two) that released on PC in higher quality forms, that could be ported in a short amount of time should all be considered.

KentBlake2381d ago

Wow! You named the exact 3 games I would list. Bubbles to you!

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moujahed2382d ago

Just give me GTA V so I won't have to turn my PS3 on again.

kazuma9992382d ago

How dare you have a jehuty avatar and not put zone of the enders as your choice XD

moujahed2382d ago

You're right, I still have the disc though so Gaikai will take care of that... plus Im burn't out from the oldschool games, bring on ZOE3

kazuma9992381d ago

XD same played those 2 games forever.

Sm00thNinja2382d ago

BREAKDOWN by Namco from the original Xbox to Xbox One!!

Bobby Kotex2382d ago

I highly disagree with all these porting ideas. The games are fine as they are. Developers need to start making next gen games from the ground up, and stop wasting time on these ports which are just money grabs.

AaronMK2382d ago

Of course I'd prefer the ports be real next-gen experiences, but still, I'd love to see some last-gen games ported to next-gen, even if it is mostly "just" higher resolution and frame rates.

That is a double edged sword. Those who got them on last-gen would feel cheated, but for those who held off waiting/saving for next-gen, it would be great.

How much time they would be "wasting" depends on the effort required to port. For something like Last of Us which probably has a lot of Cell and PS3 tailored code, it might be too much time not being spent on new games. For games that are already cross platform, especially those also on the PC, PS4/XBO ports would be easier.

KakashiHotake2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Maybe it's just my taste but I didn't think BioShock Infinite was all that good. It was certainly interesting but I can name quite a few games that I thought were better off the top of my head such as FarCry 3, Dishonored, Metro, and Tomb Raider.

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