Take-Two announces Fantastic 4 sequel

Take-Two's sent out an official release confirming that it's publishing a new Fantastic Four game which will tie in with the movie sequel released next June - the news of Take-Two's involvement with the title broke earlier in the week.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer is being developed by 2K Games' Visual Concepts studio and Seven Studios and is heading to console and handheld. The game will be based on both the new movie and the Fantastic Four Marvel comic book series. The only other info we have currently is that the game's release will coincide with that of the film's.

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General4458d ago

I agree, The first one sucked, The movie was ok though.

Yo Wassap4458d ago

i thought the movie sucked too

xtopher4457d ago

the first movie sucked! why on earth would they make a sequel. Same reason the devs are working on ridge racer 7? and full auto 2 too. who knows

ChickeyCantor4457d ago

yep, exactly.
sequels are there to be improved in some cases.
but it doesnt always turns out to be the way it should be.
who knows this one could be better then the first one?