UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 12/14/2013

Gen 8 Lifetime Hardware Totals (UK):
PS4 50,652 (-34%) 380,186
XOne 36,575 (+12%) 250,906
WiiU 8,973 (+30%) 217,713

Gen 8 Lifetime Software Totals (UK):
PS4 158,413 (-27%) 877,459
XOne 138,760 (+29%) 768,864
WiiU 70,246 (+5%) 1,030,770

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 65,197
2. FIFA 14 (X360) Electronic Arts, Sports 55,177
3. Just Dance 2014 (Wii) Ubisoft, Misc 51,783
4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (X360) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Action 48,233
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) Activision, Shooter 43,843

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PeaSFor2386d ago

note: this was when the ps4 was out of stock pretty much EVERYWHERE

whoyouwit042386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Note: Cut the excuses. The PS4 simply want dominate this gen the way you sony fan boys hoped #deal with it. One thing I will say is even though these numbers from Vgchartz have been looking good for both, the simple fact is it's Vgchartz. I never found them reliable there weekly sales never match their total sale numbers.

PeaSFor2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

hey, you forgot to include the PM you just sent me, i will post it for you instead.

whoyouwit04:"Look you sony fans can cut the Ps4 is out of stock crap. The PS4 is just as available as xbox one (I have pics to back it up), Walk into almost any walmart, Beast buy, gamestop etc and you will find plenty of both. like I said you idiots were thinking the PS4 was just going to dominate this gen and are just dumb founded when it's barley doing better then a console that is in less then half the countries, a 100 bucks more, has been trashed by sony fan boys (85% of the web), and had more bad press then good. You Sony fans keep saying well wait until sony can get their stock up (from what I seen they already have), well if that's the case wait until Microsoft matches the countries The PS4 is available in. These sale numbers just shows there are more true gamers then brain washed fan boys. It really tickles me how desperately you sony fans want to see Sony dominate. Well, it honestly looks like that's not going to happen any time soon."

im a gamer brah, no need to get blue in the face kiddo, as long you have fun with your xbox one.

Eonjay2386d ago


Yes I received a PM as well.

I don't understand what the point is. The PS4 is winning is every major territory. That is the definition of domination. Just barely being able to match a console in a territory that you won last cycle is an embarrassment. All numbers I see look good for Sony. Not bad for Microsoft either.

AceBlazer132386d ago

Selling 100k more every week in almost every market is dominating though. Anyway the real competition starts when launch hype dies and the casuals and late adopters start buying.

JodyCones2385d ago

The PS4 is beating xbone. Can you read?

Clarence2385d ago

Fact the PS4 is dominating in all the major territories that once belonged to M$.
Fact the numbers would be higher if Sony could keep the PS4 in Stock.
Fact the PS4 hasn't even been released in japan yet.
Fact your just a hater.

JokesOnYou2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Dominating? 100K a week more in every market? lol, what source are you reading? Also I thought the US vgchartz just said X1 sold about 55K more than ps4 for the latest weeks sales *estimate data? ps4 dominating? lol, yeah right X1 and ps4 are doing very well and that's exactly what the numbers show despite all the n4g ps loyal folks swearing all the time that ps4 is dominating, then when we see official numbers from micro/sony and sales estimates from vgchartz the excuses turn to ps4 has no supply, then it turns to well the ps4 WILL dominate one day in the future, you know like all the fanboys said it WOULD do at launch or like how all the fanboys said for over a year that the ps3 passed 360 worldwide, which whenever I asked for some valid links from WW sales, its was always silence or the same old "everybody knows...", then once again official/reality numbers from micro/sony proved otherwise, how conveniently those year long claims are forgotten.

microgenius2385d ago

you xbots are just funny
in the last gen when vgcharts numbers was in favour of X360 it was all accurate
now it is unreliable
nothing has changed bro xbox was dead last in the past 2 gens
may be this time around it beats nintendo for the second place

mikeslemonade2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )


Yea you provide one source while every knows that it is conclusive that PS3 has sold more than the 360. Yes VGchartz is wrong but there's noway they would have numbers that are wrong for more than a year. All they do is correct their numbers from other sources. Such as sony said they sold X, then VGchartz updates the numbers a few days later.

So if countless sources say X but the few sources say actually it's Y and you believe in Y, then it must be Y. X1 fans are just ridiculous and childish.

And whatever happen to your Amazon numbers. Have those been zombified too??

Jaqen_Hghar2385d ago

so you're denying that it's selling out right now? Oh wait you only have one bubble...

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Lalanana2385d ago

Lmao. another sony fanboy bringing up excuses..

gosh guys.. still can't admit xbox one is selling well huh?

smh what a shame

Ricegum2385d ago

I genuinely think you must work for Microsoft. No one could be that much of a troll.

_QQ_2385d ago

Thier favorite console is the only one that matters

Infamous2982385d ago

Shame that you still didn't get banned after some bullsh*t comments for couple of months smh

JokesOnYou2385d ago

Well by the same logic wouldn't that mean you work for sony Unreal01?

scott1822384d ago


Who said the Xbox wasn't selling well?

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Bigpappy2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I read this in the comments for U.S charts a few minutes ago:

Ju + 2h ago : "But still. I agree that XBo bounced back quite a bit - even though those are VG numbers.

MS is not giving up on their home turf...but at the same time, focusing on the US alone actually makes them loose big times in other territories (dropped 50% in UK...the second largest gaming market where MS was ahead in the last/current gen) - and 50% in EMEA (or even less)."

I just wonder where he is getting his info. Where ever he is getting it, he needs to share that link.

christocolus2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

The funny thing about this is how close both of them are in is doing really well and so is ms.

People need to stop blowing the difference in sales figures/ratios out of proportion and be patient enough to watch it play out.

The real test will come after the holidays when the rush goes down and both systems now have steady supplies. Sony has a good advantage with price but its surprising to see ms keep up this close. If rumors are true and Ms actually announces a new version (without kinect at 399dollars or less) then its going to get really really interesting....for now its too early to call. Sony is doing really good but MS is just close behind and its barely 2:1 by these numbers.

Eonjay2385d ago

Maybe they are close because neither has burned through their hardcore following and neither has the stock to pull ahead anyway! Maybe we have to wait at least 3 months before a picture is fully formed.

mcstorm2385d ago

I agree. I am still wondering what would of happened if Microsoft had stuck to the drm as I don't know one person who said they did not want a Xbox one when this was announced and I was a fan of it because for me the plus points outdid the -. It will be interesting to see how the year unfolds as both have some big names on the way but most people I know have said when titan fall comes this is when they will pick up a Xbox one and the people who want a ps4 have said they will do this when GT comes out.

Its also good to see the wiiu sales numbers picking up too as I think its a very underrated console with a great line up now too..

TheFallenAngel2385d ago

Big pappy he's getting his info where you get yours. I'll wait for the official numbers from Sony, MS and NPD.

Bigpappy2385d ago

That can't be possible, as I have no idea where they are from. I never post those types of details without a source. But I get the implication you are attempting to make. No bother. I have been accused of much worst. Because I usually disagree with most of what is posted here, I get those kind of attacks from the Sony crowd. That is expected. When you guys don't have facts on your side you seek to smear like or insult like politicians. If you don't agree with what I said, I would suggest you find the info and help him out that way rather than beating a dead horse.

Ju2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Thanks for quoting me, but I'd rather say this is common sense. This is, if all those numbers are to be believed to begin with. VG is just one source. I don't think they are reliable. But they can be an indicator for a trend. And, sure, NPD would be nice to see; however no other public numbers exist (NPD isn't published, and US only).

Bigpappy2385d ago

I under stand that there is a lack of reliable numbers, that is why I question the accuracy of your statement "MS is not giving up on their home turf...but at the same time, focusing on the US alone actually makes them loose big times in other territories (dropped 50% in UK", when compared to VGchartZ own numbers. They don't backup what you said so I was wandering where else you got your info.

Ju2385d ago

Well, feel free to counter those numbers with reliable sources. Sure, they are approximations, but quite close to a rough picture of how the market share looks like so short after release. The numbers are not really that significant at this time. The margin of error might be quite big considering we are that early in the generation.

The very rough picture is, PS4 is ahead in general (reliably NPD didn't paint any other picture). It looks like, MS is flooding US shelves which allows them to catch up (unless you have other numbers); sure NPD might agree or not agree (we'll find out).

Even VG adapts it's numbers eventually; I don't think they are a total fabrication, though. They carry some truth. And, again, what I read from that is, that MS is fighting primarily for the US markets. Sony has supply issues there; and yet, MS has a hard time turning the ship around but they are catching up. XBo sells better than expected in the US, IMO (depends who you ask, I guess).

Europe sold ~700k at launch, ~350k in UK alone. This is the biggest market in Europe/EMEA (again, feel free to counter this - e.g. GfK numbers?) with almost 50% market share. If you know European demographic, than the number of countries are irrelevant. The "big 5" are the biggest market there (>90% market share); the rest will not make or break the deal.

At that time, PS4 lead UK by 2:1 (and probably more in other EMEA markets). This is pretty much stable, but obviously overall number are going down after Christmas (if you want to split hair here, 380K vs. 250K isn't 2:1 but a solid lead which actually grew since the last report).

Ricegum2385d ago

I live in the UK, and it's so nice to see that people have the sense to buy a PS4. I know it's early days, but it seems the only place Microsoft might have a slight footing is the US, which is pretty understandable. The PS4 will easily dominate worldwide and that is what matters most.

Theyellowflash302385d ago

Wii U is selling much better in every other region. UK isn't big on Wii U, just like Japan isn't big on the Xbox 360.

Theyellowflash302385d ago

Excuses.....these are facts.

The Wii U is selling better in the US and Japan. UK is not big on the Wii U just like Japan is not big on the 360.

Please tell me where I am making a excuse. Everything I said is fact.

josephayal2385d ago

It seems Sony have the hype on their side so I wish them good luck

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