Grand theft auto xbox 360 vs ps3 latest thoughts

Having Grand Thefe Auto IV ship on the Xbox 360 on the very same day is major hit to the PlayStation brand. There has been a sizable delay on all previous GTA games on the Xbox platform. Because of this the GTA game series grew to be subconsciously fused to the PlayStation platform. Well that is no longer and in the US since Microsoft has a much larger install base of users on the 360 the Xbox 360 version of GTA has been outselling the PS3 version almost two to one according to the retailers that I've talked to. I am sure the hard NPD sales data will be very interesting to comb over for the post GTA IV launch. It is a pretty safe bet to say that future GTA games with also be cross platform on day one, especially if EA is successful in their semi-hostile take over of Take 2

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harpua3821d ago

"P-I Reader Blogs are not written or edited by the P-I. They are written by readers, for readers. The authors are solely responsible for content."

stopped reading there....

Breakfast3821d ago

lol...why was this approved?

jadenkorri3821d ago

plus, this will be the last good gta ever if EA takes over, anything stamped with the EA logo is on a spiral of death, go you guys enjoy GTA 4, it'll be the last good one...

TheDeadMetalhead3821d ago

You're absolutely right about that:)

LorD3821d ago

I want to kill myself for having read that whole article. How can a person be so grammatically inefficient and be taken with a shred of credibility??

Its also fairly obvious he's an XBOX fanboy, and his WHOLE silly article is a full-on PS3 attack.

icarus22563821d ago

Um....maybe read the other million reviews out there and you may find out that many of them say the same thing. Love those fanboys, you say one thing critical of there love machine and they freak out. Oh how life would be so much better if I was a fanboy living in my parents basement at the age of 30 eating mac-n-cheese like these fools. Instead I have to work hard and make a six figure income working as a DBA...oh DAMN! Shuck it Trebek!

LorD3821d ago


You don't need a college course in Logic to realize his article is full of fallacies.

Enjoy your fantasy job, its only in your head. Me? I'll go back to making video-games.

icarus22563821d ago

Whatever makes you feel better about yourself my friend. I do agree with you that I am living a fantasy though, one I never thought would be possible. But like most lessons in life if you want something bad enough you are going to work for it.

bootsielon3821d ago

Sources please, because according to "websites that I've gone to", It is 3:2 in the US, and 55:45 in the UK. Everywhere else it seems that PS3 is leading. Overall PS3 has a higher attach rate anywhere you look. The downside for Xbox 360 owners is that the PS3 SKU is being rendered in 640p and has online gaming issues.

I say it's the downside for Xbox 360 owners because you only hear them complaining about the PS3 version, completely ignoring pop-in, frame-rate issues, yearly fees, RROD and massive dithering on "other" SKUs, disregarding the possibility of getting a patch on both consoles (one for fixing the online part of the game on PS3, and the other for fixing RROD on 360... oh wait).

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