Is Video Game Violence Really A Problem?

Is Violence in video games really a problem or is it an art with the new GTA in stores this is becoming a hot discussion again

With today's technology, video games are becoming much more lifelike and graphical. More often than not the description on the back of games includes: intense violence, sexual content, drug reference, and blood and gore...

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Kakkoii3816d ago

When I play a game with violence.. I don't see it as killing people.. I see it as killing virtual creations. DATA.

No where in my mind do I make the connection of pretending there real people.

But sadly some people do... But we shouldn't have to be punished for other peoples mental instabilities.

Any person that goes and kills someone, and then it's blamed on games... Was already a messed up a person and most likely would have killed someone anyways..

MyNutsYourChin3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

"...we shouldn't have to be punished for other peoples mental instabilities..."

Grow up. Yea, you're right but it's a waste for making such an argument. Why? Because that argument is passive, insensitive to the victims of violent crimes, and a total scapegoat for actually having a mature conversation about the issue.

The rest of your comment is crap that's been repeatedly spit out like a hot off the press bullsh*t everyone keeps bringing up. Get an argument with some merit and maybe people who care will actually give you a chance.

Letting others commit acts of violence is also wrong. Developers need to take responsibility for the games they make. If it's an adult game then they better allow for an adult only rating and also not mass market the game to anyone under that age limit. If that age limit is 21 then marketing for the game should not be in public areas (on buses, billboards, or magazines purchaseable by minors).

Kakkoii3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I think your the one that needs to grow up and learn to have a calm discussion, not blast off at people.

There will always be a victim in a crime. So there's no need to toil over that part of the subject, that's a given.

And what I said has merit, It's common sense.

The difference between an M rating and an R rating is 1 damn year.

You think 1 year is going to make a difference? It's quite ridiculous that if it's sold to 18 year olds it has to be behind a counter, but if it's sold to a 17 year old.. Well then it's out in the open. The whole M and R rating thing is stupid. It needs to be revised badly.

Developers aren't doing anything wrong. They are making games that people want. It's not their fault that it winds up in young kids hands. If they're stricken with an R rating, popular retailers won't carry the game. Thus they won't make much money from there hard work due to it being harder to obtain for adults even.

Should we punish peanut factories for creating a food that can kill some people? No, because it's not their fault that the person was allergic to peanuts and died.

The idea that a 14 year old would become a killer just from playing video games like this is complete bull. Or else we would have 1000's of kids running around murdering people. The issue has to do with a persons already existing mental instabilities. Whether present or not.

Yes if it's a really young kid like 9 playing that game it could influence their attitude and lead to bad behavior in the future..And there does need to be something to stop kids that young from playing games like this.

Oh and since when does an argument not have merit just because so many people agree with it.. or "spit it out" as you say. Doesn't an argument gain more merit when most people agree with it?

These arguments are based on common sense.

MyNutsYourChin3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

"blast off at people" ??

Who'd I "blast off" at? My discussion is calm. I don't see any exclamation marks. I didn't resort to name calling. However, I continue to fail to see your ignorant point of view.

"Doesn't an argument gain more merit when most people agree with it?"

Yea, I'm sorry, of course. If everyone is a lemming then of course everyone is right. WTF? Do you have any sort of education? If you think the answer to your above (quoted) question is yes, you really are ignorant.

Kakkoii3815d ago

It's the way your acting.

Your calling me ignorant, but look at yourself. If anything your the one being ignorant.

You seem to believe that anything you believe in is true. And call everyone else's beliefs false and crap.

That sir is called ignorance.

MyNutsYourChin3815d ago

No, it's not called ignorance. It's called knowing the difference between wishful thinking (in your case) and knowing the facts (in my case). Nice arguing with you although it was a waste since you brought nothing new or revelational to the table.

Kakkoii3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I wasn't here to bring anything "new" to the table. People voice their "opinions" here.

What part of my comments are "wishful thinking"?
Please point out what parts are.

You first told me to grow up. But judging from the way you speak, your the one who needs to grow up some more. Your comments are reminiscent of a 13 year old trying to act like an adult. So that is now the way I perceive you. You have no respect for other commenter's if they don't agree with your view's.

It would have been nice to talk about this story in a civilized manner, but you clearly cannot do that.

znu3815d ago

Completely agree with everything you said Kakkoii

Seriously, you literally read my mind on every single thing you said.

Violence in video games doesn't lead to violent people due to the fact the if a person is unstable to begin with he will make violent actions. If you are unviolent and not mentally unstable, whatever you see you know is fake and thus will not act according to games in real life.

It is not our fault that some people are unstable and there is nothing we can do about it. The victims and there families should blame the person who commited the acts and not all gamers.

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MyNutsYourChin3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Art is creative. 'Creative' implies creation. Violence is destructive. Therefore violence is not an art.

As for games being art, that's a load of bullsh*t. Games are not art, they're games. Games may contain artistic elements, yes. But a game itself is not art. It is an interactive medium.

Kakkoii3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Ah but destruction is the creation of destroying.

How can one define something of which is subjective from person to person.

Dictionary definition of Art #7 & #9

"7. The principles or methods governing any craft or branch of learning: the art of baking; the art of selling."

"9. Skill in conducting any human activity: a master at the art of conversation."

MyNutsYourChin3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Wow. You're truly a moron. The definition of 'art' in your #7 and #9 is not the definition developers are talking about, idiot. Art in your definition is a skill.

Kakkoii3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Again, you going on the attack. No need for name calling guy.

That's not MY definition of Art. Those quotes are straight from the dictionary.

Games are Art in every part. I fail to see how you can not see that.

Creating the game is an Art. The game itself is interactive Artwork.

"You can draw art with a pencil, While at the same time a pencil can be the art."

It doesn't matter what Definition you think developers are talking about. Because a Game applies to at least one definition of Art. And it only takes 1 definition to call it Art.

MyNutsYourChin3815d ago

I can see that you have no clear definition of art. If you have no clear definition (other than "skill", which is not the case for the context of video games) than your argument fails. Keep pushing the vague and unrefined haze of a definition in your head and watch yourself never come to a clear understanding of what art really is. I need not say more.

Timesplitter143815d ago

what the hell are you saying with your "creative" and "destructive"? Are you trying to look intelligent? Are you saying Clockwork Orange and many of Shakespear's plays aren't art?


Timesplitter143815d ago

Art is simply something entertaining that stimulates your imagination.
That's all there is to it.

If plays and movies are art, videogames are too. Look at Silent Hill, Okami and FF7.

Very few movies or plays are as wonderfully disturbing as Silent Hill, as colorful and beautiful as Okami, and as heart warming and engaging as FF7. They're art for sure.

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Timesplitter143815d ago

Videogames aren't the cause of violence. It's simple : just compare Canada and the US.

Both play the exact same games. Both play GTA, Manhunt, Postal, Counter Strike, etc...

But Canada has among the lowest criminal records in the world. Why? What's different from the US? Their culture and gun control. These are the two things that matter.

DomUltra3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

^^^^^ Battle of the bubbles, who will run out first?


Video games are artistic expression, much like a painting COULD be, or a movie, the hook with video games is the intensity of the video game, the visceral actions that might make a gamer feel empowered, to empowered, drunk with it possibly, distorting reality can be playful, but to push it as far that's it's over writing your ethics and morale's but not only stopping there, because all people are different, so as a social norm as well.

Video game violence is as much as a problem as Tv violence. Taking this into consideration, by the standards of America, Video game violence SHOULDN'T be a problem, but seemingly and some how it is, in the likes of Fox News and CNN, I believe Video games are 1950-70's rock and roll, 1980's heavy metal, 90's Rap. Every civilization goes through a phase, it used to be "devils music" now it's, "Kill Simulators" take it as you will, but video game violence to me isn't REAL, there is a reality where I act totally different then who I would play as in a video game (cosplay aside, J/K!!!)

Seriously thought at though, absolutely not, it's not a problem for adults, but then again it's probably not the demographic we, or the rest of the world is aiming for, it's the kids that have the sponge like brains, who soak up millions of tidbits of information.

I know tons of kids many like myself who grew up fine with violent video games, sure they weren't as vivid as they are now, but I turned out fine, many of my friends did, and all drug deals aside we're pretty constructive people, and so are most of you out there. I used to work with kids with a good friend of mine, I'd hear about GTA, Halo, you name it, hell I even believe we had CS at the computer labs, as far as I knew most of the kids I looked after were fine.

North Americans are really numb to the violent potrayal of life, especially Americans, growing up in a War culture. To take video game violence as seriously as we do here is ridiculous there are infinitely bigger issues at hand than this junk, if you blame some body for going AWOL because of a game, chances are they were pretty screwed up to begin with, long before they got there copy of doom or counter strike.

@ Kak, while it might not seem logical, time makes the biggest difference, every inch of maturity, certainly 17-18 can make a difference, however slight, but I will agree the ESRB system is in need of an overhaul, or we should request competitors action for a better system, right now it's setup like the MPAA and they're crap.

znu3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Lol, such sophisticated comments

this is what n4g should be like not immature people arguing over crap

the arguements you are having now make a difference and are logical rather than two fanboys yelling over something the will not go anywhere

we are learning, opening our eyes to others opinions and expressing a desire to argue something worthwhile and something we truly believe in.

"It's a work of art"
That sentence means that something is beautifully or well done.
Every one has their own opinion and thus define art differently and find different things beautiful.

The art of destruction is to destroy/to harm and to hurt but hell it's just a game where we can enjoy this art without human restrictions. Where this art is encourages and kept. Once our videogame systems are off, this art is saved within save files. The art doesn't leave the game and go with us. The art is the game and all its content. It is not real and doesn't influence you

Having this type of art can be stress relieving too
You had the worst day in your life, divorced or dumped, fired, or failed an exam. Your really angry and pissed at the world. Now you can take your anger out on the real world or you can use the videogame and express your anger without harming others in real life.

I will agree with every single comment because they are all different opinions that represent they way you view things. Veritanimus, i will not agree or disagree with you because you don't care what other people say or think. You won't open your mind to others peoples opinions and your tone makes you sound angry. You dont use exclamation marks but you just sound rude

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