PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s Release Date Listed for 2/28 by Retailer; Delivery Day Guaranteed With £5

Retailer Shopto just listed the upcoming PS4 Exclusive racing game Driveclub for a release date of February the 28th

The retailer is so confident in the release date that it goes as far as guaranteeing the delivery day with a £5 compensation.

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strigoi8142392d ago

the earlier the better cant wait to fire this up

thereapersson2392d ago

YES!!! This is what I've been looking for. My most-anticipated PS4 game at the momment (sorry, Infamous!).

Rimeskeem2391d ago

Understandable..... at the moment.

BitbyDeath2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Only 28 days in Feb, betting it is a placeholder.

supersonicjerry2392d ago

it will most likely come out on the 22nd as a launch title for japan

forkliftfoot2392d ago

They have Uncharted 4 down as a May release too!!

2392d ago
IRetrouk2392d ago

Sooooo cant wait, well I can cause I have no choice lol, nfs rivals has been keeping me busy but its not gonna last, so excited for this game, its why I wanted the ps4 so much.

showtimefolks2392d ago

evolution studio are so under rated yet they have a long history of racing games. For drive club they hired many developers who use to work on PGR

so now we are getting the best of racing, from the experience of evolution studios plus the experience of PGR team

bobsmith2392d ago

this game gona be crazy
its already got a logo like GT and Forza
killzone shadowfall is so awesome need driveclub to switch it up !!

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