“Devil May Cry online” - Project Black Sheep World View Trailer Unveiled

Based on the cooperative development of Rockman(Mega Man), NEOWIZ GAMES join hand with Monster Hunter series' developer CAPCOM again developing Project Black Sheep.
Massive interactive scenes content as well as excellent stylized combat make Project Black Sheep titled "Devil May Cry online" by action game enthusiasts.
Here is a trailer with English narrator unveiling the world view of new action MMORPG Project Black Sheep.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3260d ago

...please capcom, continue delivering games that no one wants or asked for. Don't localize monster hunter 4 either...

Seriously speaking capcom and Sega...they are so out of touch with their consumers.

HelpfulGamer3260d ago

The Chinese wants Monster Hunter and they got it.

Perhaps those Game developers listens to much to those Economist that tells that US dollar is worthless, Chinese Money worth more. XD

MrSwankSinatra3260d ago

yes US is dollar is worthless but capcom sure invested a lot of money trying to make japanese franchises appeal to western audiences and failing at that.

HelpfulGamer3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )


Euro, Bulgarian lev, British Pound, Croatian kuna, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Hungarian forint, Polish złoty, Romanian leu, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Brazilian real, Canadian dollar.

There's plenty of Western Money other than the US Dollar, some of them worth more than US Dollar.

MrSwankSinatra3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

that's not the point, point is capcom tried to appeal to western audiences which includes the U.S. so obviously the U.S. dollar isn't as worthless as you might think but in any case the chinese yuan is worth 15 cents more than the US dollar so arguing as if the exchange rate for a dollar is china is low as you seem to allude to is beyond ridiculous. An why even try to argue about Monster Hunter, we all know collectively the Monster Hunter franchise has never been a seller in the west, it sells quadruple the amount in the east than its ever sold in western territories. so just mentioning that alone makes you look uninformed.

HelpfulGamer3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )


"U.S. dollar isn't as worthless as you might think" - MrSwankSinatra

I can agree to that. Hope developing country develop faster, creating more Market for Game Developers. Greatness Awaits. :D

vishmarx3259d ago

i actually thought things couldnt get any worse for dmc

joab7773259d ago

Really? Capcom isn't avoiding the west b/c of the US dollar. But, I do think that they see something in the mmo/f2p space. Deep Down could have been a dragons dogma 2 but instead is a f2p dungeon crawler. I do believe that we r gonna see more f2p and mmos coming to console, along with indies and less triple a games.

Dir_en_grey3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

You guys can't really think of Capcom (or any other multi-international companies) as one big company.
Basically each branch at an area is it's own and they only license (pay money to the original owner so they can publish it in their own country) a game if they think it's profitable, for their own region.
I guess Monster Hunter didn't make enough money because in the PSP era it was always brought over AFTER people played the English hacks and nobody bought them.
I guess the WiiU/3DS versions didn't sell enough either for Capcom USA.
If you really want a certain game in your region you should really just write and complain to the division of the country you live in.
Also actually buying games that you support is the best way to vote.
If a game is popular but they aren't making money off it for whatever reason, nobody is going to spend money to license it to bring it over if they can use that money for something else that makes even more money.


Are you guys kidding me? There's no such a thing as a worthless currency simply because games are priced accordingly to each region (and even costier in places where are other costs aboard), not simply "60 coins" anywhere. That's basically why we use currencies all around the world: easy conversion for foreign exchanges. If we used commodities as the base value for money (like gold or what not), it would be way more complicated (a coin of silver is not worth the same everyday).

Defectiv3_Detectiv33258d ago

No, the Chinese actually manipulate their currency to make sure it is valued less then the American dollar because they are shady like that. And regardless of the actual value of a dollar the North American market is still one of the biggest and most profitable in the world. Just ask all those Japanese gamers waiting for the PS4 to launch.

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listenkids3259d ago

Perhaps the minority, which are the most vocal, aren't enough to warrant localization, due to cost.

3258d ago
showtimefolks3258d ago

Capcom shouldn't have focused so much on appealing to western audience that they lost their magic touch. If i was running Capcom i would make the company a lot of money and its not because i am super smart. Its because a lot of these people who are running capcom have no clue what they are doing wrong to begin with

Devil May Cry reboot was such a good game but most of DMC fans were too damn ButtHurt to even give it a shot. So what they changed they look of the main character, most DMC fans never got over that and passed on a very good game

Monster hunter 4 for home consoles in the west means a lot of money yet capcom isn't interested.

Why cancel megaman?

there is a reason behind all these home grown capcom developers leaving the company after being there for 15-20 to form their own studios or work for western publishers. Capcom is too interested in making sequels

last gen we lost THQ so i am calling it now capcom will go next.

I remember when capcom was a fan favorite company, oh how the times have changed

DarkHeroZX3258d ago

Well DMC is coming to PS+ so I'll play it then.

Lord_Sloth3258d ago

I did give DmC a shot and I can say most of the complaints are very valid and extemd far beyond the aesthetics. As an action game it was passablr but as a DMC game it failed to live up to the standards set by it's predesessors.

showtimefolks3258d ago


but isn't that what a reboot is?

castlevania lords of shadow a reboot for Castlevania and a totally different game. Just because its different doesn't mean it was very good

a lot of DMC fans and Gaming media members never let go of the fact it wasn't like old DMC

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3256d ago

What dark hero said. Frankly I just wasn't interested in DmC. Nothing to do with the Dante debacle. I'll play it though via ps+.

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MrSwankSinatra3260d ago

you have got to be kidding me.........

HarryMasonHerpderp3259d ago

The title is very misleading and the thumbnail to boot.
This isn't a Devil May Cry game it was quoted as "dmc online" for its style of gameplay.

So don't worry :)
Devil May Cry 5 the tablet game will be coming soon ;D
mwahahaha! really wouldn't surprise me!

MrSwankSinatra3259d ago

i don't think it would surprise anyone especially since they turned breath of fire into a mobile game & onimusha into a online card game. i swear the decisions capcom makes, makes me feel like putting a gun barrel in my mouth.

Godmars2903260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Well, this isn't about the Western market. Even the game isn't being called "Devil May Cry" except by its testers.

Would say that Capcom is wasting money, but really, this more and some 3rd party feeding into the money trough the South Korean government has set up to support game development.

DeadlyFire3259d ago

You know a few years ago 2008 on forward THQ was wasting money on lots of stuff. Now they don't exist. So we will see if Capcom can last over the next decade. I believe they are wise enough to not fail.

Roccetarius3259d ago

I predict that Capcom will go under this gen, unless they somehow magically turns things around.

NarooN3258d ago

Man, I still hate that THQ died. The only reason they got annihilated was because of that uDraw nonsense. I think it was successful on Wii, but then they spent a crapload of money and brought it to other platforms where it bombed horribly. Then they had a shitload of unsold stock which they couldn't get rid of.

What a shame... Capcom is the company that actually deserves to be obliterated after all the nonsense they've done.

DanielGearSolid3259d ago

I didn't see any gameplay to compare it to dmc, is there any online?

Chrono3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

This game is not DMC, I don't know why everybody's complaining. Here's some gameplay:

CrossingEden3259d ago

I was just about to type an angry rant as I thought that this was an DMC mmo, thanks for clearing that up, that being said, this game's combat is extremely slick and dynamic for an MMO and i'm very curious as to how it will turn out. They should REALLY change the title though because even I was confused.

Roccetarius3259d ago

Maybe the first character looks good to play, but the 2nd seems pretty boring. DMC gameplay wouldn't work so well online either way, because of the different internet connections.

DanielGearSolid3258d ago

Thx, looks pretty good, as for DMC comparisons, the only similarity is its a hack & slash

CarlosX3603258d ago

The only similarities I see to DMC is that it's somewhat a "hack n' slash" with combos attached to it. And the fact that the game seems to be a battle of the two evils - look how the enemies disappear... Demonic enemies.

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