Do Link and Zelda in Smash 4 Indicate Zelda U’s Art Style?

GaminRealm: "Unlike all other franchises out there, the Zelda series has the unique mystery factor of what the art style of the next entry will look like. 3D Zelda’s visuals have never used the same look, and we shouldn’t expect Zelda U to be any different. Ever since the tech demo Nintendo showed back at E3 2011, Nintendo fans around the globe have hotly discussed and speculated on how the game will turn out visually."

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gamerben2730d ago

I sure hope not. New art styles excite me.

wonderfulmonkeyman2730d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the next Zelda uses an upgraded form of the more artistically rendered style of Skyward Sword.
Darker, grittier tones for the colors, but in the same water-color style as Skyward.

I think I could live with that.

Chrischi19882729d ago

Yes, it would be dark age cel shading, that could be really cool, but I dont know, how to pull that off, so that everyone is happy with it. It just should not be tooo kiddy, then it is fine.

rjguess2730d ago

I'd really like to see the style they used on the tech demo they used awhile back. That would be the best in my opinion.

Geobros2729d ago

Zelda and Link are exactly the same from Twilight Princess game, lol!! Its not possible to be the same art style at new Zelda...

starfox0792729d ago

These models are super upgraded twilight princess models the wiiu Zelda game will be more dramatic than this in it's design even if they keep these models in the new Zelda they will be much more detailed and overhauled but i think the new Zelda game will have an ultra high end cell shaded look but very realistic also like this pic...

I got it from this article...

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