PS3 titles to use single online sign-in

One sign-in for every game, but online features may still differ

Every game on the PlayStation 3 will use the same universal sign-in and the same online ID, Sony has confirmed - even titles which do not use the central buddy list and messaging systems offered by the console.

Speaking to this morning, the UK producer on launch title Resistance, Dan Brooke, said that he "wishes to be clear that Resistance uses the PlayStation online ID to sign into the game. There is no separate login for Resistance and the online ID you create will be the same you use for all titles."

The clarification comes after Ted Price, head of Resistance developer Insomniac Games, revealed last week that despite having extensive online functionality, the game will not be using the central buddy list offered by the PS3; instead, players will build an in-game buddy list unique to the game.

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peksi4452d ago

That's nice to hear. Again we learn that the competitor is not a good source of information, let's try to remember that.

bung tickler4452d ago

we have also learned that using sony as a sorce for info about sony can be just as misleading as anything else though.

calderra4452d ago

"PS3 is ready to launch in Spring 2006"
-Ken Kutaragi paraphrased, from ~April 2006

HyperBear4452d ago

That Spring launch went by pretty fast eh?. It went by so fast, its like it didnt even launch, thats how fast it was. Oh Wait, Thats right it didnt launch, and now its now launching in 9 Days with only 400,000, not 1 million, in North America, and only 80,000 in Japan, not 100,000, or 500,000, and Europe well can you say DELAYED. But, I think Sony have rebounded themselves with some pretty amazing titles coming to the PS3, so that just makes the waiting and poor production all worth it right?

peksi4452d ago

Ok let's rephrase that: A source with commercial interests in the matter is not a reliable source for information - especially a rival one :)

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THE TRUTH4452d ago

Leave it to fanboys to avoid the topic and find something both old and irrelevant to cry about! Don't act like MS has been perfect angles in this industry every one of the console makers has made their share of misleading statements, half truths and downright bashing! Its part of the buisness people grow up and learn to accept it cause it aint going no where!

Point is one ID for all games which is great for those people WHO ARE GETTING A PS3!


"the game will not be using the central buddy list offered by the PS3; instead, players will build an in-game buddy list unique to the game."

THWIP4452d ago

They're counting on people being too ignorant to figure out what that means. Bottom line is, Sony has to do something to be competitive with everything Live offers...and this falls short.

CyberSentinel4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

How dedicated are these game developers going to be to create host servers for all their games? And for how long?? Servers(hardware) aren't free, electricity 24 hours-7 days a week isn't free, Bandwidth, CERTAINLY ISN'T free. After 10 years(Sony's estimated PS3 lifespan)I dont see how these companys will be able to support all theses games and All them servers for free.

Bill Nye4452d ago

Sony is running the servers (for Resistance at least).

specialguest4452d ago

i don't know if you've realised this, but most PC games that offer online play has always been free, aside from MMORPG though. i play FPS and RTS on my PC and i've never been charged anything to use their servers to play against others.

Deceased4452d ago

Been there done that!!! Glad to see you PS3 fanboys won't have a catalogue of userID for different games.

andy capps4452d ago

I'm glad too. So sounds like it'll be the same ID, but you can add people to your in-game buddy list using their Sony Network ID's. Not totally bad, but I would prefer to hit a button that imports my whole buddy list, and then take out those that don't have the game if I wish to. At least they confirmed it's only one ID.

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The story is too old to be commented.