Mass Effect PC forces draconian copy protection.

According to Derek French, Mass Effect, scheduled to arrive on the PC this 28th, will employ the same SecuROM online activation system that was initially put into Bioshock, allowing the buyer to activate his copy of Mass Effect for 3 times before politely asking to him / her to go to hell, that is, contact the customer service "helpline" to get it reactivated. And while the game itself wouldn't require the DVD to be physically present in the drive, it goes one step further and phones home every 10 days and re-authenticates just to make sure legit customers are not the worst form of criminal scum publishers swear we are.

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gamesR4fun3910d ago

sooo putting painfully restrictive copyright on this is gonna make me want to buy it when i can get a hassel free version for free?

Personally I already got this on our 360 but when it comes to this crud I tend to side with the pirates.

Neurotoxin3910d ago

Well if Your a legitimate PC gamer you have nothing to worry about. This complaining is pointless, there is no other way to stop people pirating games, and even with this method it will probably be cracked within a week of being out.

theox2g73910d ago

say that all you want, but bioshock was a disaster, an utter failure, They didn't expect loyal pc gamers to be that many and were probably going by sales estimates of crappy games, but in fact Bioshock was a good game with a good optimized demo, As a result, they were overwhelmed with client requests for activation, their servers crashed, legit users got shafted with an unplayable game, you don't treat your loyal paying customers like that, the game is still going to be cracked anyway and some legit users will end up getting cracked versions alongside their original copies to avoid these headaches, Good games sell very well despite piracy, the main thing is to eliminate day zero piracy which is main trouble to potential sales, the rest is ambiguous,

Kakkoii3910d ago

"there is no other way to stop people pirating games"

Probably in less time than that. Which makes your statement invalid.

This hurts their sales. And has no effect on piracy whatsoever.

Charlie26883910d ago

@Neurotoxin: let me guess you either don't have Bioschok for the PC or were one of the lucky ones, that "copy protection" system is probably THE worst possible and people actually got SO angry and frustrated with it many either cracked there legit copy to avoid it or simply got a pirated version to avoid it entirely (a common joke among forums members was that this system was SO effective it didn't even let the legit owner play it)

for example me, legit collectors edition one and yet I lost 2 activations for completely random reasons, one was encrypted as activated and yet the game asked for an activation and the second one again got encrypted and even after uninstalling or trying to deactivate it it was still registered as activated

the best and yet most simple answer you can get against pirates is simple...what Stardock did..simply ask people to buy the legit copy and hey like them you can even remove ALL kinds of copy protection software and we have ALL seen how great they are doing despite this

DomUltra3910d ago

The debacle that was Bioshock, people still got pirated versions. This doesn't stop pirating but it sure is a great deterrent.

Kakkoii3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

How exactly is it a deterrent lol?

If anything it's an incentive. Because people will say.. Well hey.. I can get a version of the game that has no hassles... and for free!

So why should I choose the version with hassles?

It's a very bad choice for the company.

Even the most infamous copyright protection gets cracked. Called Starforce. Which f*cks up your computer if your doing something bad lol.

I don't believe there has been a single copy protection to date that hasn't been cracked.

Copy protection is actually incentive to game crackers. Because it's like the company is saying. "Oh look, you can't pirate our game. NA NA, NA BOO BOO!!!" So the crackers come in and say.. "Ya right! We can crack anything!"

So they take up the challenge and they always succeed. They enjoy the challenge because they LEARN from it. Increasing their knowledge in cracking protections. Only making it easier for them to crack future protections each time.

OblivionStalker3910d ago

Not a big problem. I can always say "Go to hell Mass Effect". I guess they will lose even more money than without any protection.

radzy3910d ago

if they dont want it to be pirated , i think they have to go exclusive ps3.

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