Resistance 2 to Have Facebook-Like Community, Squad-Based Multiplayer

Kombo writes: Much has been said of Resistance 2's 60-man multiplayer skirmishes, but today Insomniac announced that those confrontations won't be quite as disorganized as Resistance: Fall of Man's were. Players will be divided up into squads, and will respawn accordingly. Each squad will have a designated opposing squad, and both squabbling teams will fight to accomplish the same thing. Sounds counterproductive, but I'm sure there's more to it.

For those who want to spend a little more time with their squad mates, but can't afford a plane ticket, Insomniac's Ted Price has good news for you. Taking endeavors like Rockstar's Social Club and Nintendo's Smash Bros. Dojo to the next level, Insomniac is turning into a Facebook-style social network. I look forward to some incredibly creative status updates.

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MattyF3821d ago

Seems like a lot of effort is being put behind the online aspect of the game finally. Resistance 2 should prove to be quite the title this fall.

chaosatom3333821d ago

They are far ahead of other people working on the online department on the ps3.

PSWe603821d ago

I wonder how this online set up will function along side HOME. The plot thickens

DomUltra3821d ago

Hmm, Sony sure seems it's ready to start dumping money on it's Devs.