Resistance 2:First Gameplay footage

Here's the Resistance 2 gameplay footage from the Playstation Day in Europe.Enjoy!


Video has been removed,alternative link below:

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decapitator3819d ago

Will be all over this come launch time..

sonarus3819d ago

Looks dull. Slightly better than the first one but way too slight. In 6 months time, a lot can still happen but that wasn't impressive at all

thor3819d ago

I couldn't tell whether the graphics were that impressive, poorest quality vid I've seen in a long time

Cwalat3819d ago


dude you gotta be joking right ?

this is SD 320x236 in resolution and being zoomed in doesnt help it either.. dude... its PRINTED with "work in progress"..

6 months away from release...

no one... and i mean no one !! should EVER question Insomniac..

King_many_layers3819d ago

I don't see why you feel it's only a marginal improvement upon the first one. Personally I think that looks much like COD4, I know it seems presumptious regarding that quality of video.

The lighting looked good and also the gun models looked good.
Looks like a big improvement, also the tree models looked pretty good too.

also I believe it was said a few months back the game was complete it's just down to pushing graphical assets to it.

sonarus3819d ago

@cwalat, i have as much faith in insomniac as you do, but from that video be it in sd or whatever it is, its only a marginal improvement over the first. No where near the graphical leap from R1 to ratchet. Obviously R2 should look like ratchet so in time the game will improve, not to mention this is multiplayer footage. In time we will see how it shapes up

gamesR4fun3819d ago

this game is gonna own the fps scene

TresTrendu3819d ago

Well i have to say i wasn't impressed either. I understand the video quality wasn't great, but just have to wait and see.

thewhoopimen3819d ago

Sonarus don't be silly. That video was clearly a multiplayer map gameplay and is hardly indicative of the game. I mean the points that blip on the screen after a kill were a dead giveaway.

Besides the video quality was horrendous. The speaker's voice dropped like 2 octaves after the video lol.

Danja3819d ago

I can't believe you guys were the same ones a month ago...praising the teaser trailer.....bcuz of one crappy ass video..which was taped on a cell guys are ready to rip the game apart

what ever happened to "INSOMNIAC NEVER DISAPPOINTS" ?

ne ways the game is looking great..gameplay wise....and that's all that should really matter in the end...and we all know the game looks great..judging from there past would be a fool to think they wouldn't make graphical progress with this title. how about we wait on the real video from Gametrailers ?

Violater3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

screw the haters
the game looks great and its going to be awesome.

uie4rhig3819d ago

hmm im not gonna judge on that yet, coz i really couldn't see much .. tho i do believe that insomniac never disappoints.. so still waiting for a trailer in a proper quality..

callahan093819d ago

Anybody who thinks they know how how the graphics in this game are based on this video is a fool. You can't tell a damn thing from this video it's such poor quality. That, and it's only multiplayer footage, no chimera shown, nothing. And it's a work in progress.

Wait til they at least release an HD video of this. Then wait some more until you see the final thing to pass full judgment.

CrazyMystical3819d ago

i like how some people love to judge games before playing them

sonarus3819d ago

lol yes i can. From what i can see there is a bit more color in this game but it simply doesn't look as good as ratchet and clank right now. In their podcast, they said they are just entering polishing stages so the game will look better definitely but from that video, it doesn't look as good as ratchet

yesah3819d ago

ehh, i was kinda disapointed. But the multiplayer idea sounds good.

heroman7113819d ago

@ sonarus

what do u expect when we are watching it on a crappy youtube video player and also if it still dosent look great in a good video player, u can always remember that this is far from final version like he said in the video. " please keep in mind that this game is 6 months from appearing on shelves so this is work in progress "

robep33819d ago

How do you breath with your head so far up your own A5RE!!!!!!
From that low quality camera phone video you can tell what
the game will be like what a total pr1ck you are mate!
No one repeat NO ONE can tell from this sh1T piece of
video how good or BAD the game will be Work in progress
6 months to go lets see how it develops when we see this
video at a decent res and then the finished game!


The Lazy One3819d ago

You can tell enough from a crappy youtube video. Lighting, color, and animation all get across fine through youtube. The only thing that suffers is detail, which makes little affect on the end game compared to lighting, color, and animation(especially a game that looks as fast paced as that).

The environments look a lot better than the ones in the original. That's the one the biggest thing I took away from it. The squad combat I'm still not sure about. There's not much stopping a team from sending half of each it's squads to help take one objective while the others just defend another objective and have a group of 20 guys running around the map systematically taking points.

The worst part about it imo was the character animation. For some reason it always looks like people in resistance are sliding a little bit. I noticed the same thing in the first one. It just doesn't look right to me, but that's minor to gameplay.

PSMonster213819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Ask your selves these questions: Has Insomniac ever made a bad game? Has Insomniac made great games?

The answers to these questions are, No Insomniac has NEVER disappointed or made an underdelivered game. Yes, Insomniac is responsible for the first Spyro on the PSX, the highly acclaimed Ratchet and Clank series on both the PS2 and PS3, and Resistance, which was, IMO, a phenomenal FPS. There is not a doubt in my mind that Resistance 2 will not only have a amazing story with an awesome 8 player co-op aspect to it, but it will also overdeliver on its 60 player mulitplayer. Resistance two will definitely win shooter of the year. Better than KZ2 and better than GeoW2.

solidt123819d ago

Resistance 2 is going to rule this fall.

hades073818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

The video quality was poor so a discussion on graphics is pointless, but am I the only one to feel like the gameplay is missing the wow factor of the first Resistance, the gameplay seemed generic. I know its a sequal and not as original as the first but I still feel kind of disappointed by the first gameplay video. I'm sure Insomniac will still come out with a quality product but so far MS and Epic are doing a better job getting me excited for Gears 2 compared to Sony and Insomniac for Resistance 2.

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zane_78493819d ago

It's Endor all over again...sign me up.

Fishy Fingers3819d ago

That was multi-player!?

"work in progress"... pfft, stick it in a box, chuck it in a bag and I'll take it now thanks ;)