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"Is Sony’s PlayStation 4 Really Outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One 2-to-1? Who Knows."

To borrow from Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi, Christmas time is here, or nearly so, which means you’re looking at a scant few hours of frenzied final sleuthing — probably in vain — to find a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before 2013′s holiday window closes forever. All these reports that both systems are sold out everywhere bodes well for Microsoft and 60;Sony, and if both companies can maintain momentum through 2014, console gaming in general

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pwnsause_returns2421d ago

Secondary Market means the same thing is going on.... of course Time loves to doubt...

GameNameFame2420d ago

from many news media and NPD, it shows that PS4 is out selling.

b163o12419d ago

A blind man can see that...

HelpfulGamer2419d ago

PS4 available in 32 countries, shortage in USA. If Sony simply sell all PS4 in the USA, it'll probably be 4 to 1 by now.

andibandit2419d ago

secondary market dosnt say a whole lot about the actual market right now....ask any sony fanboy...theyve seen billions of unsold xb1 in the stores, why would you buy a used xb1 when you can get a brand new one from the store.

TomShoe2419d ago

In the US, not surprised that it's close. A lot of 360 gamers are comfortable in the Xbox ecosystem and are loyal to the Xbox as a result.

WW, it's a different story, as PS4 is leading by a good margin, and it's bound to grow when the PS4 launches in Japan and other countries.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2419d ago

Sales matter now to Sony and the Sony fanboy. NPD numbers for Sony all of a sudden.

Have to love front runners.

Charybdis2419d ago

I assume the demand for the xb1 is not as high as the ps4 which seems the overall sentiment, however Microsoft has spread their supply less thin than sony.

There are also rumours of xb1 launching later in (large part of) Europe this may mean that the demand is higher than expected, leading to further delays in these regions.
With Sony having a higher demand keeping up supply most be hard assuming both Microsoft and Sony have similar production capabilities.

Until demand and supply fully catch up it will be hard to say by how much ps4 will be able to sell xb1.

Majin-vegeta2419d ago


You mean just how xbox fanboys would gloat about them every time last gen?Funny how tables have turned and all of a sudden they don't matter anymore.

Talk about being hypocrites.

ABizzel12419d ago

The main thing to remember is that it's still too early to tell what's going to happen with these consoles, but facts are the PS4 has an early lead, and it seems like that lead is only going to grow larger over the years, based on current sales and history.

n4rc2419d ago

Stupidity is strong in here.. lol
For all you experts with sales data that doesn't exist..

Care to actually justify your comments with..Ya know.. some actual evidence?

I'll help get the ball rolling by busting the most likely comment..

If the ps4 isn't in stock anywhere.. then it can't be selling.. it's one or the other..

And naturally for the above reason.. eBay sales are higher because what idiot buys from eBay when stores get new stock weekly?

shoddy2419d ago

Bu bu bu Teh Sales!!!!

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GribbleGrunger2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Yes it is, but by a larger margin than 2:1. Here's the mistake people make time and again: They take the final sales and compare. You can't do that at this time of the year when all consoles are more or less selling out of stock.

What you do is follow the trends BEFORE the stock is sold out. To put it another way: Console (a) has 500,000 units to sell and console (b) has 500,000 units to sell. The PS4 reached total shipments sold at a rate of OVER 3:1 compared to the X1, but of course (because Sony can only produce a certain amount of consoles a week) the X1 eventually caught up ... well almost. This is the figure that's confusing some people.

Imagine two sprinters head to head. One sprinter runs faster than the other but then has to stop for a while (running out of stock). In the mean time the other sprinter catches up and the process starts again. It's clear that the first sprinter is faster than the second sprinter but it appears to be neck and neck.

We won't be able to see the significance of that 3:1 until next year when the console manufacturers produce consoles based on sales trends. THEN you'll see it easily because one console will sell 'more' of their shipments, but not all in one go as they are at the moment because of Christmas and early adopters.

Eventually both console manufacturers will have an average, and cater their stock to that average. At the moment their isn't an average. Wait until March and THEN you'll see the obvious.

Ricegum2419d ago

You sir have too much sense for this site.

xboner2419d ago Show
insomnium22419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )


Agreed! I'm just dumbfounded by the fact that he actually has to explain something so trivial in such great detail to people on a gaming site. What are we? 10yo? Not a dig at you gribble by any means, I agree but this site has really left me gasping for air from time to time out of pure ....stupidity....I guess...

Thank GOD I have so many people ignored. I can see from the responses they get my brain would've gone apesh*t by reading those.


my god I just read another impossible reply by xboner artef posting this. Straight to my ignore list you go. My brain is way too sensitive for BS of this magnitude. No wonder he joined this site 22 hours ago. Explains everything.

Jilokle2419d ago


"Just wait till they fully activate the cloud and you will see just how good the games look. There will be no denying it with power and sales to back it up."

LOL. Do you really think that the cloud will improve graphics drastically ? It's OK to support your favorite console and brand, but let's be honest: The cloud it's not going to make the xboxjuan more powerfull than the ps4. Just accept that the ps4 have the advantage over the xboxjuan and enjoy your games. Peace.

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Evilsnuggle2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

No spining sale numbers today PS4 2380031 xBone 1830046 worldwide .In the US PS4 ahead 1447442 xbone 1331873 .The PS4 is also a head in the United Kingdom were the 360 beat PS3 PS4 380,186 XOne 250,906 . M$ is losing market share it had in it's too big markets Selling 360 . M$ need to out sell PS4 60%-40% in the USA and U.K to stay close in worldwide. Also PS4 has higher demand l then supply. PS4 Has not in Japan and Asia. i Know xboiz xbone only launched in 13 countries That's because m$ known it has small demand the other countries They lost badly to PS3

Lior2419d ago

the answer is who cares, you don't see any of the profits

GribbleGrunger2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Ah, but we see the fruits of developer confidence in the console that sells the best. So we DO 'profit' in success.

Letthewookiewin2419d ago

I agree with Grib. Systems that don't sell well dont get top shelf third party support.

EasilyTheBest2419d ago

Is Sony’s PlayStation 4 Really Outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One 2-to-1?

In answer to that question.

Not a Chance.

TristanPR772419d ago

Let me tell you that here on planet earth is happening and I believe is 3:1

ZombieKiller2419d ago

I'm glad I got my PS4 and am glad it's selling well whether it beats the xbox or not.

Sometimes I think we concentrate on who is winning between Sony and Microsoft so much that we lose sight of what's important...

TAURUS-5552419d ago

its not 2 to 1 sony its almost 3 to 1.

RIP xbox1

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DigitalRaptor2420d ago

Worldwide, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this is true.

Once it hits Japan on Feb 22nd, that's a whole other story.

D-riders2419d ago

im no idiot and i walk into to stores and the xbox one is everywhere i go to places and ps4 is sold out within minutes. so its not hard to tell which is selling faster and has a higher demand

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SpitFireAce852419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Here is the amazon listing for both

One is sold out at time of this posting 11:57 EST

raytraceme2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

No xbone is in stock while ps4 shot up the charts to #1 and is sold out.

Mikeyy2419d ago

Yes it Is. On amazon right now. Even my local Walmart has tons.

iiwii2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

At my local Walmart yesterday, I finally saw the first PS4 on the shelf, and there was only one PS4. The stock guy was just pulling out of the isle when I walked up and there were 6 XBone's in the display case, and what looked to be about 15 or so XBone's left on the stock float he had, and I would guess he was taking them back to the stock room. I saw 0 extra PS4's on his cart.

MasterCornholio2419d ago

The Xbox One is available directly from Amazon. The PS4 isn't available from Amazon but there are other sellers who have it. If you click on those sellers you will discover that they are selling the console for 599$.

TomShoe2419d ago

The PS4 is even sold out of back-orders at this point. They're gone through Jan. 5th, FYI.

SpitFireAce852419d ago

I meant to say one console is sold out whil the
Xbone is still in stock sry Stupid name xbone lol.

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MasterCornholio2419d ago

Its pretty obvious that the PS4 is doing better than the Xbox One. Thats what happens when you focus on gaming.

TAURUS-5552419d ago

thank god people learnt the lesson this time.

do you want the best gaming experience and on top of that at the best price ??...then SONY is the way to go ¡¡¡