Alternative view of GTA IV

Poor camera angles, character that he doesn't like, wobbly vehicles and dating are some of things that HEXUS.gaming's editor doesn't like about GTA IV.

"And what is it with having to hold the A button to run? I'm sorry, I must be seriously missing the point here but if I wanted to stroll around Liberty City then why bother having me be able to steal cars at all? Yes, I know holding down a button is hardly a life ending chore, but why not just have me run all the time as in the previous games? I'm not a walker, I'm a busy bloke trying to build a criminal empire… this isn't Grand Theft Ramble for crying out loud."

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LastDance3818d ago

author complains more then my gf on her rags. what a full on nob.

perseus3818d ago

With that mindset, you may not have a girlfriend for long.

LastDance3818d ago

my gfs quite pleasent when its that time...i was just illustrating a point. and i didnt want to offened any1 else :)

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PoSTedUP3818d ago

wow, they put alot of work in this game, give the game to some one who appreciates rockstarr, i can drift around corners with ease because i know real driving physics. they made this game as real as possible. the camera plays a big part when you turn giving it the wobbly effect. since when did gta have GPS? you like the gps cause its easier. your the fakest hater out of all of them. you hate on everything but the gps. if your a real gamer you would take it off. this is a real gamers game, not a game for kids. i care if your disappointed, im actually happy your disappointed because you dont deserve a game like this. go play pokemon snap fa* snap.

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