5 Characters that deserve a spot in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

GameZone writes, '"Among Nintendo’s ever-growing archive of rehashed series, their mash-up brawler tops the list of “never getting old.” The Wii U/3DS SSB installment has greater room for expansion than any before it thanks to the wealth of characters that have sprung up in recent years. Looking at what we know of the roster thus far, we’ll be seeing our typical Nintendo horde (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, you know the drill), as well as a few wild cards like the Wii Fitness Trainer pair and Rosalina and Luma from Super Mario Galaxy. Here are a few more combatants that could easily fill a spot in SSB Wii U."

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EcoSos32390d ago

Good list but Cream and Cheese really...

imXify2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Shadow, Tails or Knuckles would be better. Imo I would prefer Tails.

3-4-52390d ago

* Shulk - Xenoblade

* Isaac - Golden Sun

* Stocke - Radiant Historia

* Dragon Quest Hero

All 4 would fit in with smash and the style of game is is.

All would be unique, cool looking characters that actually bring something to the table.

* All 4 Deserve to be in, most deserving being Dragon Quest Hero

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Shulk with his Monado will be an awesome fit in SSB U :)

desertpunk862390d ago

what was you motive to include cream and cheese?????

cream and cheese hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

JackieCruise692390d ago

Cream and cheese....?

I agree with the last two but that's about it.
Mine would be-
1. Shulk
2. Krystal fox
3. Dark samus
4. Bayonetta or Wonder red
5. Little mac.

Metallox2390d ago

Klonoa... what an incredible game. My favorite from the PlayStation.

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The story is too old to be commented.