2013 was a good year. Not the best, not a fantastic year. Just good.

GameZone writes, "2013 was a fantastic year for gaming.
This will be a fairly common way many Best Of lists will begin. I don’t doubt that some will even proclaim 2013 as the best year in gaming. On the surface, there are many reasons to support this argument: two consoles launch, a third got its killer app, a handheld surged forward in sales, indies continued to rise, and the dawn of new IPs began."

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lonelyplayer2380d ago

The last of us, ni no kuni, gta v, sm3dw and ps4. That's all.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2380d ago

Kind of hard to argue with Grand Theft Auto. But add TLOU and the ushering of a WHOLE NEW GENERATION OF GAMING. How was this not a fantastic year?

chrissx2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Well said. Especially TLOU and Ps4. I think Playstation gamers had a real good year.2014s gonna be epic. *looks at u infamous SS and the order 1886*

Crossbones2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

2013 > 2011 >>>>> 2012

lets_go_gunners2380d ago

2011 was the best. We got the last good gears game..a new uncharted, skyrim, bf3 and other great titles.

skydragoonity2380d ago

2013 was a fantastic year for playstation gamers, we got loads of games this year, plus GOTY Last of us

lassenwolf2380d ago

What a dummy. just a good year. three new consoles this last year for the first time since 2006., last of us, bio shock infinite, full borderlands 2 support, gta5,blackflag, rayman, super mario 3d wiiu, link between worlds.pokemon y and x,animal crossing, ps plus kicked every ones ass with games. zen pinball tables pikmin 3. minecraft for ps3,cod ghost,bf4,gt 6, forza 5,wolf among us,season 2 walking dead, candy crush went through the roof,tomb raider,and many more

Hicken2380d ago

We only got two new consoles...

lassenwolf2380d ago

read what I said in the last year there are three . hate people that have to input something but has nothing to say but just to say it. jan 1 2013 we had 1 2013 dec we have three idiot

Hicken2380d ago

"three new consoles this last year for the first time since 2006."

Maybe you should have written that differently, because that says we got three new consoles this year, and we didn't; the Wii U came out last year. The Wii U didn't come out January first, so you can't count it as part of what would make this year good because... well, because it didn't originate this year. That'd be like claiming Forza for next year's list of games... or claiming the PS4 and XB1 for why next year was good/great/fantastic/crap/what ever.

You can count the Wii U's GAMES, provided they came out this year. No problems there. But since the system itself released last year, it's disqualified, so to speak. Everything else you said was fairly specifically limited to this year; why is the Wii U an exception?

Sevir2380d ago

DmC, Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, THE LAST OF US, Ni No Kuni, GTAV, E32013, PS4!!!! Excellent Year! For all those reasons...

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