Steam Soon to be Banned in Korea?

The Korean government are definitely wound up about video games: with a law already being considered to group video games with other addictions, they are now going after Steam.

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XiSasukeUchiha2392d ago

WTF this shouldn't happened for one it the person you should consider not an company

ATi_Elite2392d ago

Just be glad you do not live in these backward arse countries where the Government is hell bent on censorship and population control.

I find it hypocritical that a country whose Government Funded the construction of it's Internet (which by the way is the second best in the world) spends so much time Banning and Censoring content.

*People tend to think America's Internet is not fast on average but FAIL to realize that more people and more devices are connected to our Internet than most of the world combined and that's not even including the Massive Military Internet infrastructure that the general public has no knowledge of.

Bonerboy2392d ago

Well that's very "Chinese" of them to consider such nonsense.

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