Best Original Characters of 2013

BT writes: 2013 saw the birth of innumerable new video game heroes and villains. A great deal of them found their way into titles on our Game of the Year list, but plenty of other memorable characters have gone unrecognized thus far. Let’s rectify that. These are the iconic men, women, and monsters from the year that we will remember forever.

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minimur122391d ago

gaming has made me cry so much this year it's unreal, the last of us, GTA V (yeah, spoilers ahead: it's when he's returning the women he kidnaps, and he's crying, well at that point i was also, but i had no idea whether it was because i was upset or if i was crying with laughter.)
Beyond: Two Souls, TWD: Season 2 and there's probably some more, I've just forgotten them lol

steven ogg, you genius

SneakyDoo2388d ago

I never understood the love Ellie gets from fans. She obviously is written well with a well voice actress, but her character, i personally do not enjoy. She's stubborn, and a little too angry.

Roccetarius2391d ago

Nothing like some Nanomachines to take it to the next level.

SneakyDoo2388d ago

Trevor Philips, that is all.