PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets Fantastic Screenshots of Dungeons and Monsters and new Information

Capcom just released a new batch of screenshots and information of the upcoming PS4 Exclusive Deep Down showcasing the environments of the game, and more precisely the dungeons influenced by the feelings of Wrath and Sorrow. In addition to that you also see some fantastic effects at night generated by a peculiar monster and the return of something very similar to a fan favorite monster.

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DeletedAcc2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Looks hot
TREASURE ENEMIES! Dark Souls anyone? :)
Seriously, Deep Down is phenomenal, i will buy a full-game-DLC if it is available...

Lon3wolf2385d ago

Treasure enemies (Mimics) have been around a lot longer than Dark Souls ;).

BABY-JEDI2385d ago

Advanced Dungeon & Dragons anyone?

Eonjay2384d ago


Longer Final Fantasy III/VI
I specifically remember them in the burning house.

Ashunderfire862384d ago

I thought the same about the Mimic in Dark Souls too lol!!! Looks like Deep Down is a dungeon crawler with Dark Soul's hard difficulty gameplay.

GrizzliS19872384d ago

noone did it quite like dark cloud tho, i agree indo...when you scout each corner of each level and see a treasure chest in the distant dead end of the path your on, and youre all excited and BOOM BIG OVER POWERED STUPID CHEST MONSTER URRRRHHHHHH

bangoskank2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Not surprised; this game is obviously trying to be a next gen Dark Souls. These screens are very generic by the way. I will remain unimpressed until the game receives praise from other gamers, not fan boys (they even defend Knack) which I doubt it will. I'll most likely be busy with Dark Souls 2 anyway.

thorstein2384d ago

Dragon Quest had Mimics too.

Kevin ButIer2384d ago

lol forget the mimics... look at those black demons... creepy mf

kingdom182384d ago

My first time was either DQVIII, or Rogue Galaxy.

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Simco8762384d ago

Even farther...Dragon Warrior..called the Man-Eater chest!

xPhearR3dx2384d ago

I'm seeing lots of people getting really excited over this game. You do realize this title is Japan only right?

Lon3wolf2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

At the moment yes no western release has been confirmed, but can you seriously not see this getting one?

xPhearR3dx2384d ago


They won't give Monster Hunter a real western release, I wouldn't put it past them to keep this Japan only as well.

FanOfRootBeer2384d ago

Deep Down is nothing at the moment, because we haven't played the game. Assumptions like that—and the full-game-DLC comment—are exactly what's wrong with the games industry, and the reason we end up with consumer gouging bs like what Deep Down could easily prove to be, given Capcom's history.

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clmstr2385d ago

Wow, that Mimic monster is awesome.

Abriael2385d ago

Waiting for the haters coming to say how bad it looks.

PS: yes, it looks awesome :D

sobekflakmonkey2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

graphically the game looks quite a lot worse than the initial fake trailer they showed, but quite frankly I don't really care about screens that much, being that I'm pretty sure in motion with all these different effects at work, it'll most likely look stunning none the less.

sigfredod2384d ago

why you had to summon them Abriael, lol

AndrewLB2384d ago

sobekflakmonkey- Don't you just love how completely biased people are here? Everything you just stated is 100% factually accurate, yet you've got 25 disagrees.

You guys need to come to terms with the fact that as of right now, the graphics are seriously dumbed down from the ones we saw 9 months ago.

HiddenMission2384d ago


When they 1st showed off the Rhei Engine it was to let us know what they would be able to achieve with the new engine.

Remember games don't go into major graphics polish until the last 3 to 4 months of development.

Take a look at actual tech demo footage of what the tech allows them to do in the game. There is also a 30 min vid on Youtube demonstrating the fluid flame tech when time is stopped/slowed down.

The game looks amazing this early in dev so yeah when it get's closer to release you'll see it all come together nicely.

FamilyGuy2384d ago

Where did you get these screenshots?
Are you sure there weren't larger versions for the rest of them?

They're all really nice but they've got to have higher res versions somewhere, why would they release such small shots of the majority of them.

Do some more digging man! lol

I'm glad you guys are keep us up to date on this game, you're the only site really following all its japanese announcements an japanese focused media released information.

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Lon3wolf2385d ago

Looking good, will be getting this once I buy a PS4, glad Sony got this and MSoft got Dead Rising 3 as I was always going PS4 first this time round (was 360 first last gen)then a One in time.

Dannycr2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I know the mimics have been in gaming for a long time, but its kinda funny how this game seems to be a Dark Souls direct competitor.

I mean, the more the merrier, but the comparisons are going to be inevitable.

SynestheticRoar2385d ago

This game has been looking real Hot of late. Love playing new IPs.

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