Monster Hunter Frontier GG Coming In Spring 2014

Monster Hunter Frontier GG (pronounced “double G”) is a major update and it is scheduled for release in spring 2014. The extra G stands for “genuine.”

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qu1ckset2380d ago

Western Release Please!!

BlackWolf2380d ago

Probably a given with PS3/PS Vita/Wii U version. :)

VINNIEPAZ2380d ago

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanna2380d ago

Yes please a western release.
Monster hunter is an amazing time sink, i still play mhfu on vita or nvidia shield, you can spend hours grinding a certain part or fighting a monster, learning how to defeat it.

Without monster hunter i would never of been tough enough for dark souls.

XiSasukeUchiha2380d ago

Western release pretty please with sprinkles on top

jaymart2k2380d ago

Quote: Capcom has been pushing Monster Hunter Frontier G and ported the PC/Xbox 360 game to PlayStation 3 and Wii U this year. A Vita port is also in the works.


They never released it for Wii U this year

MajorGecko2380d ago

almost bought monster hunter freedom unite last night glad i waited this is around the corner :)

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