Kojima Talks Switching Controls and Consoles for MGS5: “Frame Rate Changes the Feel of Realism”

It may be the day after Christmas (in Japan), but Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima seems to be still hard at work on the game, and he gave a glimpse on his daily routine checking the game, talking about changing between different control schemes and frame rates.

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2392d ago
MpV352391d ago

Wouldn't have to deal with four layouts if it was still an exclusive...

Belking2391d ago

When you own your ip you can do that. Kojima is smart enough to reap the benefits of this title being multilat.

MpV352391d ago

Oh, I agree. Just interesting to see the new kinds of struggles he has to go through now instead of the "simpler" days of making it for one brand of console.

I love the MGS series and don't mind spreading the love.

XiSasukeUchiha2391d ago

DAMN Kojima bring on my hype factor OVER 9000!

redwin2391d ago

Bringing the game to all 4 to just get a few millions to from the current millions is a very hard decision to make. They hope it will payoff in the future.

Welcome2Die2391d ago

PS4 exclusive! Use the strongest console and dont let the xbone slow anything down!

Wizard_King2386d ago

You do realize that this isn't an exclusive to anything game?

p.s If Kojima wanted the strongest he would develop for the PC exclusively, I don't want the PS4 or the gimp box 720 to gimp up the real version of the game.