BREAKING:New KillZone 2 Trailer from Playstation Day

Here is the new KillZone 2 Trailer from the Playstation Day in Europe,100% in game footage.Enjoy!

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Relcom3821d ago

GOOD this will look by Feb 09

sonarus3821d ago

Glad its something new, but still looks the same to me, further analysis of the video needed to really make significant judgement. Vehicles seem to be a big part of the game

Relcom3821d ago

is really not happening, what kind of enviroment could you expect?

I think its awesome, really want this in HD

Silellak3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Is there any news on what it will offer for the FPS genre besides awesome graphics?

I'm just curious what might make it a buy instead of a rental.

Resistance 2 plans to offer 8-player co-op, which is unheard of, so really, that seems like the better bet at this point.

Though I did really like Killzone: Liberation for the PSP. Honestly I'd rather see another tactical shooter like that than yet-another FPS.

CrazyMystical3821d ago

i'm kind of glad it got push to next year because i would of choose resistance over it plus with all these games coming out i would be harboring butterflies in my pocket, nice to see some games spreading out.

Feihc Retsam3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Here's the link... FOR NOW

I think it looks great. The animations are very nice. It's very comparable to COD4 in the graphics department.

redninja3821d ago

Looks like they have improved the explosions significantly since the last trailer.

gonzopia3821d ago

I'm glad they'll be coming out slightly separated from one another. KZ2 looks more sci-fi, with vehicles and an emphasis on dirty post-apocalyptic sci-fi technology. It's a bleak, grey world that smacks of squad based action. R2 looks more story oriented, with the emphasis on your lone adventure.

Both will have multiplayer differences that will make one appeal to you more than the other, but they both look like fantastic fun online. I for one can't wait to see, and play, both games.

Bubble Buddy3821d ago

Do u think killzone 2 got pushed back so Sony can have a great line up ready for 09 too? Since Resistance 2 and Haze are on the way this year, Killzone 2 and God Of War 3 to follow it up and don't forget Final Fantasy 13 with Grand Turismo 5.

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Bits-N-Kibbles3821d ago

love the smoke effect swiping over the titles

Looks promising

Mr_President_3821d ago

2008 ends on a high note with R2 then 09 starts with a bang in KZ2.

TheExecutive3821d ago

very poor video quality, but it looks pretty good from what i can make out. Cant wait for some gameplay impressions.

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