Motorstorm 2 gets 4-player split-screen

CVG Writes: " Creative Director Paul Hollywood mentioned something about 4-player split-screen racing in the new game.

Motorstorm 2 will be set on an island, which will be your new nemesis. "A dangerous and unpredictable foe now awaits you," said Hollywood.

The terrain and whether on The Island are slightly hostile, you see. It's BRUTAL out there, with destructible trees and foliage growing all over the place, which you can cut through instead of using the track."

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thor3820d ago

Wasn't it already confirmed when MS2 was announced?

crimsonfox3820d ago

eh... good news doesnt get annoying

Cwalat3820d ago

any second now... MS2 footage will be revealed. :D

thor3820d ago

On the IGN blog it said it was somewhat underwhelming (graphically)... D:
TBH I don't think much positive news has come out of gamers' day:
Killzone 2 delayed till next year
Resistance 2 not as stunning as I'd hoped
Early impressions from people playing the haze demo are pretty poor
Motorstorm 2 doesn't look half as good as the teaser footage
Home won't be released until AT LEAST very late this year

feejo3820d ago

Hum that sound like: PS3 get rumbble controler. Please don't remove something on a game then on the version 2 you put is back saying Wow what a new feature.