In Final Fantasy XIV You Can’t Sleep Outside Because Square Enix Doesn’t Want You to be Naughty

One of the new features of the new 2.1 patch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is housing, and if the pricing debacle wasn’t enough to make many look at it with a slightly sour eye, an odd restriction is rising eyebrows between the playerbase.

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Abriael2382d ago

My reaction exactly, especially since, considering how many emotes there are in the game, there's a hundred ways to simulate sexual acts even without this.

TRGMatt2381d ago

You have more disagrees than agrees and yet I myself have witnessed countless sexual acts done my emotes with /motion lol

Mor Dhona is like a giant orgy late at night.

StraightPath2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

So this is what has become of Final Fantasy franchise. One that is held dear to many people. Gone are they days of Squaresoft.

Now we have SquareEnix with trash FF13 series of games and trying to use sex to get more sales from pubescent males who will play dress up with lighting.

Lets hope FF15 recovers the state of FF franchise and delivers.

Last good FF was FF10 (even though it was the start of linearity with the pointer)

FF10-2 TO FF13 lightings returns all are bad name to the FF franchise.

Damn Squaresoft use to make some powerhouse RPGs what happened...

HammadTheBeast2381d ago

FF Type-0 is as good as the ones before X.

Snookies122381d ago

@HammadTheBeast - That's great... For those that can read Japanese. I'm no stranger to importing, but I wouldn't import an RPG and miss out on the story.

WPX2381d ago

"FF10-2 TO FF13 lightings returns all are bad name to the FF franchise"
dunno about 10 or 11, but 12? wrong!!
12 was and still is a stellar game.

il-JumperMT2381d ago

FF11 is one of the best MMOs ever made and still going strong getting expansion released this year.

FF12 is one of the better FF if you remove Vaan

FFXIV: ARR is one of the better MMOs at the moment

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NarooN2381d ago


The good Square died a long time ago ;_;

WeAreLegion2382d ago

You can't create character models like that and expect people to not be naughty.

PurpHerbison2382d ago

I know right? Lalafell makes me so weak in the knees.

Abriael2382d ago

You should see what a lalafell can do with his carbuncle with the right emotes... Bleach won't be enough to clean your eyes.

MRMagoo1232382d ago

lol you should play some tera if you think the FF toons are naughty.

Improv2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"prevent the taking of not especially appropriate screenshot"

So hold on...they make sexually provocative characters in their games, increase Lightnings breast size, create skimpy outfits, and now they have a problem with people taking naughty screenshots? Are they serious?

What a bunch of hypocrites. Who are they to tell people what they can and can't screenshot in their videogame. Not to mention this is a company that CONSTANTLY uses sex to sell its games.

SilentNegotiator2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Not to defend Square, or even necessarily play Devil's advocate, but that logic doesn't follow. Large breasts and skimpy outfits aren't the same thing as simulating sexual acts (especially on unwilling participants that wouldn't appreciate inclusion in such screenshots).

Improv2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I appreciate the reply.

The game itself has plenty of emotes that can be used for the same purpose. Why not remove those?

Just take a look at the emote in the article. If someone did that next to your standing character in what way would that be sexually explicit.

She's laying down on her stomach with her hands on her face. The only way to have that look sexual is to willingly sit in front of the person to make it look like one is performing oral on the other.

This is a game that has a quest where you escort a hooker for some rich guy to a potential client so she can pleasure him. There are female NPC's which talk about working for 'X' person and they charge 'X' amount for an hour.

Again, the only way to make this emote sexual is for two willing participants to create a sexual looking scene. If passerby are going to be offended by it then they should just avoid online games altogether.

Abriael2382d ago

The problem with that explanation is that you can already do it with plenty other emotes.

NarooN2382d ago

Well, it's just like how the Japanese have some of the most fucked up porn out there, yet they still censor genitalia...

Sense, it makes none.

It's a cultural thing, I guess.

Archmagel2381d ago

"Not to mention this is a company that CONSTANTLY uses sex to sell its games"

Yes, I know! I mean, those pixels in "War of the Lions" start my engine. Then, I have to take my DS to the bathroom for some "Final Fantasy III". And finally, mmm, that Sora makes me want to turn, and I would just LOVE to get stuck in Pooh's honey pot, if you know what I mean. /s

Square Enix has made mistakes (FFXIII is a myth to me. Imo, good story, but gameplay killed it.), but they don't use sex to sell their games. They have been trying to deliver great stories and gameplay starting from "Crystal Chronicles". Their fans buy their games for the storytelling and for the fun of playing the games.

But, with that said, people should be able to screenshot what they want. I, for one, would love to screenshot the cutscenes.

beatled2382d ago

this game looks, plays and feels wosre than tons of free to play mmo games I can get anytime I want for free

age of conan
d and d online
dragon nest
secret world

just to name a few

and obviously a pay once game like gui8ld wars 2 completely destroys it

Abriael2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Umh no. The game has a few oddities, but it trounces all the games you named with no mercy both in gameplay and even more so in looks. It's without a doubt the best MMO in the market at the moment.

Guild Wars 2 doesn't even get close to FFXIV's quality. GW2 is an inferior game under every point of view excluding PvP, that in FFXIV is still in its infancy.

As usual, you get what you pay for.

Snookies122381d ago

Lol, Guild Wars 2 does not destroy this... I have played both, and while Guild Wars 2 is a noble effort for a non-subscription based MMO it doesn't have the same quality that XIV ARR does.

Also, don't even joke about SWTOR... That game is NOT free to play, the restrictions on there are so terrible, you'd have to pay ME to play it.

Jubez1872381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

GW2 has awesome PvP (both sPvP and WvW) but besides its dodge roll gimmicks the game lacks depth. I tried to play the other day, and after playing FFXIV I was like I can't even kid myself and think this is good. And the fact that he said "feels" worse. I play FFXIV with a controller and it still feels better than GW2. But then again, every class can DPS, heal, and there's really no true "aggro" system so as long as you're flipping around you'll profit. "GW2 killed the holy trinity!" No it didn't, it just made like 8 do-it-all-yourself classes.

il-JumperMT2381d ago

All games you mentioned are horrible compared to FFXIV: ARR

P2P FTW, F2P should burn, or should I say Pay to Win?

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