The Nine Most Cringe-Worthy Gaming Moments of 2013

8CN: This year had some really great moments for video games and fans of the medium, but it also had several cringe-worthy moments, as well. Here, in particular order, are the ten video game moments that had us cringing the hardest.

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Chapter112385d ago

Basically all of E3 and the VGX. Anyone notice a pattern?

TheGrimReaper00112385d ago

I thought E3 was pretty dam good!
Lots of games, reveals, news, info
Stupid moments as well ofcourse
The girl who does the ubisoft show
EEeuuugggh ... I heard she is actually funny, but no
This isnt her kind of show, none of her jokes are funny
VGX was ... interesting
It's like watching an elephant shove a cheetah up it's ass while riding a unicycle on a surfboard in the snow
Should I describe this disturbing image or just walk away?
In other words, VGX just plained sucked!

Blackdeath_6632385d ago

E3 2013 was the best we've had in years

TruthInsider 2385d ago

Everything MS have said & done in all of 2013!