Play Next Gen Console Games With Your Mouse and Keyboard

HardwarePal : There are a few reasons why PC Gamers won’t move to consoles, one of the biggest being the controller. There are quite a few exclusive first person shooter games that gamers would love to play with a mouse and keyboard , but some will never be ported over to PC. Since developers won’t bring those games to PC, you can now move your peripherals over to your console.

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donnieboy2384d ago

Now everybody can be part of the master race...:)

SaturdayNightBeaver2383d ago

But how? Aren't you with that name the biggest master nerd of them all?

ErryK2384d ago

Go be arrogant somewhere else.

awi59512383d ago

What? You mean all the PS people on this site right? This is a PS fan site it has been for 7 years now.

BABYLEG2384d ago

I know you're a PC fanboy, but quit sounding like a ps fanboy

donnieboy2384d ago

So much disagrees...It was intended to be a joke.

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XiSasukeUchiha2384d ago

Sweet, just sweet now PC owners don't have to complain about not having mouse and keyboard because it included

ziggurcat2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Or they could quit crying, and learn how to use the controller like everybody else.

@ kingduqc

It's a console, not a PC.

kingduqc2384d ago

Yeah because everyone want a lesser experience out of their games.

aiming with joystick lul.

TheRealTedCruz2384d ago

What's the harm in appeasing those who prefer one or the other?
FPS wasn't exactly designed with controller in mind to begin with.

0ut1awed2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

You obviously haven't spent the time getting used to a mouse and keyboard.

I will admit that a controller is a excellent compliment to a console. It's perfect to just sit back and play with on the couch.

If you are accustomed to a mouse/keyboard though, the analog sticks will drive you freaking nuts in some games, FPS being one of the big ones.

This is great news for those who fall into this category, myself included.

Atlthough it will be pretty unfair for people online.

Maxor2384d ago

Classic console fanboy logic. Lets accept whatever our corporate masters handed to us if it was decree by god, instead of using a device that these type of games were naturally designed for.

I don't care how good I get with with a DS 4 and I've spent a ton of time playing KZ4 and BF 3, in the back of my mind I know that if I'm playing with a mouse and keyboard I would be 10X better.

ziggurcat2383d ago

@ slaphappy:

Respectfully speaking, there's no harm in getting used to a controller, either. And some pointed out - it would create a severely unfair advantage.

And the FPS can be traced back to the mid 70's, so I wouldn't exactly say that the FPS was designed around the mouse/keyboard.

gcolley2383d ago

@ SlapHappyJesus - common sense really. It introduces an advantage into the game that others will not have, effectively ruining the gaming experience for everyone else... and for what, so some selfish asshat can think they are better than they really are.

Why stop there, why not add rapid fire etc., one improves aim, one improves firing rate. Still cheating and unsporting. The point is fun, not winning at all costs, screwing everyone else in the process.

These devices need to be detected and banned.

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FlameBaitGod2384d ago

You know the eagle converter has been out for ps3 and 360 for years right.... so I dk what your talking about.

konnerbllb2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

XIM has been around for 6 years.

r1sh122384d ago

THe only issue with buying certain accessories like this (licensed or not) if MS/Sony decide to pull the supported driver it uses - the device becomes useless.
Something similar happened with ps3/360

AndrewLB2383d ago

Yea. We can stick to the reason we've always used...

1. Better graphics
2. Mods
3. Less Expensive Games
4. Don't have to spend ~$60/year on XBL or PSN (that's $480 over 8 years)
5. Can upgrade bits at a time.
6. Better sound
7. 4k coming soon. Consoles get to wait 8 years.

deecee332383d ago

If the accuracy is good enough this'll make FPS unfair for people playing with a controller. What they don't seem to have addressed is VSYNC lag. Any game without a hard framerate limit around 60 will have inaccurate controls. This was the problem with the few PS3 games that supported mouse/KB. This gen may be different though, as most of the games run at a fairly stable 60.

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Sirlancealot2384d ago

I game on console because I prefer the compactness and utility of a controller. But this is fine for those that like keyboard and mouse. I can see this as being an unfair advantage in online games though...

famoussasjohn2384d ago

did anyone try this on the previous gen? If there's no input lag, then that would be awesome. I'd give it a shot and see how it is.

Bob Dole2384d ago

UT3 on ps3 had kb/m support, never tried it tho.

KingPin2384d ago

i did. i can assure you it works like a charm.
wish killzone 2/3 came with KB/M support.

NovasRevenge2384d ago

i had one last gen and OMG what a waste of money it was, it feels nothing like m/k its awful. but im looking at getting a chronusmax so i can use my fightsticks.

The Great Melon2383d ago

I was wondering how well this works. Games programmed for sticks down understand mice, so there has to be some kind of weird conversion to make it feel sort of right. For example, could you do a quick 180 on this just like a normal mouse? I get the feeling that you have to jack the stick sensitivity way up for these to work somewhat.

jessupj2384d ago

If it's anything as lagy as the previous ones, count me out.

Sevir2384d ago

Play Next Gen Games with your Vita. :)

tee_bag2422383d ago

I don't get why you want to play a next gen game on a crappy little screen with 2rd class sound and control, if there's a big ass TV and the real next gen experience infront of you.

Sevir2383d ago

Left the PS4 home and connected with 4 games on my HDD, flew to Florida for Xmas with my Vita and tried remote play at my Folk's home!... Games like Killzone, Knack, Resogun and BF4 worked quite well.

The option to take the PS4 experience with you and enjoy it bite sized on a gorgeous OLED screen is a perk. So no you can't always assume that a TV is right infront of you! When I'm at home, I'm enjoying it on my 55" TV. When I'm away the vita comes in handy!

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