Xbox LIVE and PS Plus cards discounted for Christmas, 3 free games for Xbox 360

XMNR: If you received a new Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 for Christmas day, Wednesday, it's likely that you'll want a PS Plus or Xbox LIVE Gold subscription as well. A handful of retailers are offering discounts on either or both with some you'll be able to grab immediately with an online code and one that comes with three extra games for the Xbox 360.

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edwineverready2383d ago

Do you get monthly free games with xboxlive on XboxOne?

Queasy2383d ago

Not yet. Microsoft has said that it will bring free games to the Xbox One eventually but it will take about a year before they get a big enough library of games to start putting free ones on there.

XiSasukeUchiha2383d ago

Remember, PS plus give you more benefits but Live gives u better online, MS fanboys are going mad because i say this but I rather faster downloading time (PS4) Than better online srry

Dmagic2383d ago

MS online is not better than ps4 that is the talk of someone who does not own either system and is thinking in last gen terms its a new ball game.

infectedaztec2383d ago

PSN crashing on Xmas day tells me all I need to know about it. Wasn't up to scratch last Gen and still isn't. All the free games in the world won't change that

edgeofsins2383d ago



It all depends on the developers. PSN and Live have almost nothing to do with the game service themselves. But if you want to talk who had more reliable online well Live did go down from Halo 3, which doesn't have dedicated servers so it was Live itself going down from traffic. PSN really brought forth the dedicated server movement with games like Resistance, Killzone, MAG, and Warhawk using dedicated servers for 32 or more players so they really had an edge over Live in actual reliability in online gaming. As for what games people personally prefer that is up to them obviously.

mikeslemonade2383d ago

There's not enough X1 owners to crash the servers.

XisThatKid2383d ago

"PSN crashing on Xmas day tells me all I need to know about it. Wasn't up to scratch last Gen and still isn't. All the free games in the world won't change that"
To be fair I'd rather online server or network crash than hardware console failure on ANY day, Have you heard about the X1 problems today?

All in all PSN and XBL have their respective perks both will have free games to download with the service and both will further stabilize network infrastructure without a doubt out of their 1 month thus life spans. People need to start seeing bigger pictures Life is in HD now. MXM everyone.

Boody-Bandit2383d ago

"PSN crashing on Christmas tells me all I need to know about it"

Boy how soon they forget.
XBOX LIVE suffers 11 days outage during Christmas Break.

DarthJay2382d ago

@Brutallyhonest - LOL I'd say internet infrastructure is a bit different in 2013 versus 2008. Pretty sure playing Snakes on a flip phone was still high tech back then.

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chaldo2383d ago


Right, and I am sure you can still trust MS with them replacing your consoles with refurbished ones and all of that sneaky shit before that. GG.

kidhero992383d ago

Hello Games, the developer of the lovable Joe Danger series and upcoming sci-fi epic No Man’s Sky, has been hit by flooding, destroying everything in the indie developer’s office.

The sad news comes from Twitter, where Hello Games said:

Oh god. Water moves really quick. Hello Games has been totally flooded. Everything in the office has pretty much been lost :(

A lifesize cardboard cut out of Joe Danger went floating past face down. Poor Joe. He’s taking this the worst.

Massive thanks to everyone who tried to help here today. We have learned that laptops float sometimes.

Leaving now and letting firemen to help real people (all the houses around us with kids and xmas) – rather than us drowning to save a hdd :)

There’s no word on what this means for the studio’s upcoming games, and we can only hope that everything was backed up elsewhere.

Our best wishes go to Hello Games, as well as everyone else impacted by the flooding and torrential rain across parts of the UK.

Ch1d0r12383d ago

Not bad, but the PS+ 1 yr membership cards were 29.99 on black friday.

HaMM4R2383d ago

Shame it isn't black friday then :) Heres hoping the amazon reduce the price in the UK so I can get myself some sweet sweet PS+

gta28002383d ago

That's when I got mine. I regret not getting 2 since I was already planning on paying 50 for 1 year prior to black friday. Oh well. Ill be ready next year.

SG1_dapunisherX2383d ago

man i love ps plus and live

psDrake2383d ago

PS plus is the reason I will keep my ps3 for years to come. It's hands down the best digital gaming subscription especially when you have a combination of Vita, ps3, and ps4 or 3 of them like me...

SG1_dapunisherX2383d ago

you lucky I only have 2 outta 3, ps3 and ps4... kz sf is a fun game, vita i get it when is cheap with 3ds to buy both at the same time

KratosSaveUs2383d ago

Gonna get that year of PS+ for 35. But first I'm gonna see if Amazon. tries to match it. PS+ is awesome especially since I might buy a Vita to add to my PS collection.

E2S2383d ago

Ms. Explosion Man, The Maw and Kinect flinging game, Wreckateer.

LMAO those free games sound terrible.

maniacmayhem2383d ago

Ms. Explosion Man, The Maw and Wreckateer are not horrible games I can tell you that right now.

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