PLAYSTATION DAY '08: PS3 cruises past 10m sales

Sony reveals full global sales figures for PlayStation hardware family.

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resistance1003819d ago

It was 10million at the end of 2007, so that means is probally around the 12-13million mark now.

lodossrage3819d ago

Did you guys read it?

He said "as of today (in our region), the ps3 has sold over 12 million units"

Was that some kind of misprint? I know ps3 is selling well in europe but DANG lol

Silellak3819d ago

I really don't care about sales figures.

Why? Because it's obvious the PS3 is going to overtake the 360, it's just a matter of time - for the simple reason that the PS3 owns the non-North America market.

The only real question in the console war is if the PS3 will beat the 360 on the 360's home turf. I think in the long-run, yes, but it will take another few years. The PS3's been selling about the same as the 360 on a per-month basis, but keep in mind, it has to drastically outsell the 360 for months at a time to ever really stand a chance of overtaking the 360's head start.

So, by the end of this generation, the PS3 will win worldwide, and barely eek out a victory against the 360 in North America.

Dannagar3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Well, in order to take the world wide sales, Playstation 3 has to close the gap between them and the Xbox 360. Playstation 3 has been doing so but very slowly. Playstation 3 is doing good in Europe but in the U.S.A. not so good. You can say that PS3 may be 2nd to the Wii in Europe by the end of the year. However there's a 6 million unit gap in the United States that isn't closing.

...Now that I think of it, the gap in the America is larger then the entire PS3 user base in the United States. The Playstation 3 is over 4 million users in the U.S. and I believe 2 million of those were sold during the first month it was out.

deeznuts3819d ago

I saw the same thing. No way they sell 7M in Europe in 5 months, can they? That's damn near Wii levels, if not more.

"As of today, in our region, [PS3] has sold nearly 12 million units."

Maybe "in our region" was a misprint. Has to be!

wow4u3819d ago

Reality check people. The PS3 has only barely outsold the Xbox 360 for some periods so far in 2008.

And, the Xbox 360 is *9 MILLION* units ahead.

Silellak says "its obvious the PS3 will overtake the Xbox 360" -- yeah, if everything remains the same **AND** the generation is 20 years long.

Have a look at this graph (from vgchartz for lack of a better source -- after all, they've got PS3 @ 12.18 Million and Xbox 360 @ 18.x; meanwhile Sony just said *TODAY* "[PS3] has sold **nearly** 12 million units" So, Sony says "NEARLY" 12M, yet vgchartz is already claiming more than 12M. See a problem there?)

See that? See that gap closing? Yes, it is, but *JUST BARELY*. The fact is that the Xbox 360 is *already* almost twice as many in the generation. That is the situation today.


VG Chartz? Come on, you can do better than that.

You do know nearly can be more or less?

And we all know that the gap is no more than 8m today. Stop sh*ting on us.

The only "situation" we know is that, by the year to start, there was 18m 360 SHIPPED, and 10m PS3 SOLD. And that PS3 outsold 360 worldwide every month, and in US for 2 months, almost doing it againg in the third.

In fact, the difference summed up in EU and US (JP too, but PS3 was slow there almost as much as 360) shall show us the gap now as 7m. By this rate (4 months = 1 million PS3 ahead), if nothing change, as you said, it will only take PS3 2 years and 2 months to surpass 360. And don't give me the "but VG Chartz crap", don't waste your time.

But we know it will change, the first big gun pulled out was GTA, on both consoles, but the next one is exclusive, and we still need a date for GOW, FF, SOTC and GT5. And don't give me that "but 360 have Halo"... Halo didn't help back on PS2, didn't hold PS3 outselling 360 in 2007 (remember the official number for both 360 and PS3? 10m PS3, 18m 360, look then for 2006 numbers), why should it hold PS3 with MGS and more on the line this year?

The fact? The fact is that we still have to wait till this year to end and official numbers coming from both MS and Sony so we can start clain anything... Now back to GTA fanboys!

barom3818d ago

The 10 million are probably 10 million sell-through and NOT shipped. The 12 million probably are shipped. Only way I can make sense out of it.

Mc Fadge3818d ago

If we're going to use VG Chartz, this is a much better graph to use:

'Nuff said?

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Ariexv3819d ago

They say @ the end that they have 12 million units sold now....360 has over 19 million so there's still a 7 million gap they have to fill.

Skaterboy Tell Em3819d ago

nope he didnt read it 360 is only at 18 million sales,he's just making up numbers.

DomUltra3819d ago

Arie is still a fanboy in the closet, it's his duty to not actually read anything here on N4G, just assume.

KingME3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

y are you saying he's making that up, because you don't know?
anyway, perhaps he is getting his info from here.


Honestly, I would have thought the PS3 would be higher than it actually is. To me, based on the hype and talk from some of you guys, it should have already disposed of the 360 and should be challenging the wii by now. But, after all the dominance of the PS brand in the past years, I do understand why you all feel threatened. It't actually quite natural.

also, unlike the title says, I wouldn't exactly say the PS3 "CRUISED" past 10mil.

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TheEndzor3819d ago

Keep climbing higher and higher.

Everything is looking good for sony as the Heavy Hitters are just starting to come out this year

alexM3819d ago

10.5 m was passed as of DECEMBER 2007

SONY would be releasing their FISCAL reports soon which would indicate the PS3 sales as of MARCH 2008

I think SONY is around 14m as of MARCH 2008

lawman11083819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Good luck with THAT!

Pain3819d ago

Wont be Hard since Playstation 3 has only 10 mill of its 120mill PS2 intsall base just waiting for a game they like to jump out and Play beyond in Next gen land.

unlike poor xbots like yur self that like playing inferior Old-gen games on a prehistoric DVD Only player,
That Can burn your House down if u leave it on ><;

I Cant wait for the PS3 Exclusive Games that DONT get held Back because of Yanky Box 2 like GTA4.

DomUltra3818d ago

More proof that retarded Xbox fanatics are exactly what they are, RETARDS.

"Yeah, ONLY 10 million MORE to sell just to catch up!
Good luck with THAT!" - Lawman doesn't even know how to count it's so bad, good job ya drug addict.

juuken3818d ago

Lawman, you must be on crack. The PS3 is catching up with the 360 at a fast rate. When MGS4 comes out...fireworks will commence. This is so typical of xbabies. They can't admit that MS played them for a fool and the 360 will not surpass the PS3 ever again.

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Anything but Cute3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )


THis is for the end of 2007, I thought this was as of today. I was freaking out.

gano3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Edit Below: Some one is telling fibbs again.

Danja3819d ago

The PS3 has sold bout 12+ million..and the 360 hasn't reached 19 million yet....

so in other's the 360 sales which has slowed..

lets see..MS claimed they sold 10x 360's in 2006

but at the end of 2007 they only reached 16+ million..

now there at 18+ the 1st 5 months of 2008

whats wrong with the picture here ?

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