PCZone: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Preview - Hands-on: Jon Blyth guts a fox and wears it like a hat

PCZone writes: "For anyone new to the Conan MMO, it's the game that Funcom hope will decapitate every complaint anyone has ever had with the MMORPG genre. During its five-year development cycle, what's emerging most strongly is that it's a game of compromises. That might sound like damning with faint praise, but remember that compromise can be a good thing.

The first 20 levels are a blend of single-player nighttime action and multiplayer daytime gaming. So you have more of a significant role in the universe, compared to a regular MMO that can't allow you to leave a lasting stain on its world. In WOW-alikes everything fades and everything respawns, and nothing reeks of futility like waiting for an owl to pop back into existence just so you can kill it again."

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