Contra Released - Achievement List

The Live Arcade game Contra is now available from the marketplace for 400 MS points. The game has the usual 12 achievements with a total of 200 points. Read more to view the achievement list.

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ThaTeflonDon4453d ago

Anyone knows how to accomplish this on xbox 360??

ThaTeflonDon4453d ago

I got this to work ... u,u,d,d,L,L,r,r,b,a and it gives you 30 men ...let me know if you find something else

vettle14453d ago

id it me or did they change it?
doesnt seem the same to me
not happy

UrbanJabroni4453d ago

THis is the arcade game, I believe, not the N.E.S. game.

vettle14453d ago

well thatd explain it thanx urban