$500 Next Gen Console Alternatives

What if you have $500 of console buying money burning a hole in your pocket, but dont want to hand it over to billion dollar corporations?
We checked in with some prominent members of the All Games community to see how they'd spend the money, but with 3 rules:
-They can choose as many consoles as they want, as long as the total retail cost is $500 or less
-They can only choose new products. No rummaging through thrift stores or ebay listings.
-The systems can’t be from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft

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AceBlazer132389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I'd probably build a pc

@Lawson A 500 set up would satisfy me, i'm primarily a console gamer so a pc that could play most games at medium would be good enough.

LAWSON722389d ago

If you seriously consider building a PC do yourself a favor and save more money or build a PC and just skip the GPU until you afford a good one. Just my opinion, after building a $430 PC and then building a $900 PC a few months later.