Gateway P-6860FX 17-inch gaming laptop reviewed

Globe & Mail game blogger Chad Sapieha says the P-6860FX "hits the price/performance sweet spot dead on."

From his review:

"At $1,349, it's a remarkably affordable 17-inch gaming notebook with enough horsepower to comfortably handle even the most resource ravenous games (last fall's hardware-humbling shooter Crysis was perfectly playable running on medium settings)....

My only real beef is its form factor. The P-6860FX isn't ugly, but the 17-inch screen makes it both bulky (good luck setting it up on an airplane tray) and portly (it tipped my digital scale at 4.1 kilograms). Given the LCD's low-ish resolution, I'd have been happier with a smaller screen, if only to cut down on the machine's size and weight. Plus, its smudgy black case with copper accents and a smattering of glowing buttons can't match the sleek design of most luxury gaming laptops, like Alienware's silver m15x, which offers clean and sophisticated lines while at the same time delivering the geeky goods with its customizable lighting effects...."

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