HOME won't open till Kaz is happy with it

Today at the SCEE press conference Kaz Hirai made a statement on the PS3's online community called HOME. He apologized on the delay of Home but gave no time frame for it's opening, if anything he said it won't open until he's happy with it.

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zane_78493870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Come on get happy?

Kaz doesn't think it's enough like Ridggggggggggggge Racer yet. The drifting physics are all off.

Tempist3870d ago

I don't think this is the best strategy. Given that a majority of Japan does not participate in online gaming, what does he know about how the online community will being happy with what's produced?

I believe his move is more detrimental than helpful.

ban fans3870d ago

Your comment struck me as kind of odd. I think Kaz knows a little bit about the video game industry as a whole. I don't he was picked for his position because of his good looks.

I for one agree with his decision, and am sick of hearing everyone whine that "I want it now" like a bunch of bratty kids. If it got released and didn't work correctly, it is these same people who would pound their fists screaming, "why would they put out if it doesn't work right; this sucks." The same thing goes for games.

Relax. You'll get it when it is ready. And frankly, I don't want it until it is ready.

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THC CELL3870d ago

im happy with that

better than rushed

Kaz Hirai3870d ago

Home will be worth the wait, but it isn't coming until I'm happy with it!

37 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


PirateThom3870d ago

Kick some ass, Kaz. Thanks for taking time to post here while giving a keynote.

PR0NE3870d ago

ohh man, why? but i guess i'll have to trust your judgment on this one, you never failed us, long live Kaz.....

Sir Ken Kutaragi3870d ago

Keep up the good work;)
Meet you in 'HOME' soon!!!;)

Pain3870d ago

Ill just play games and work and get $$$ till then.

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thor3870d ago


I'm sorry folks, but home hasn't lived up to my (nor anyone else's) expectations of what it could achieve. Originally planed as an integral part of the PS3 experience, it will not not be released until late in the console's lifecycle and will have minimal support from developers (who have not bothered to develop for home for their exising games as hardly anyone can take advantage of it), trophies/accomplishments only for a select few games, and a very small user base after the initial hype dies down (because it surely would be better to have a quick and easy interface to join games with friends, keep a record of your accomplisments than an interactive world).

I am very disappointed in home, for the main reason, that whilst I don't mind the delays themselves, it WILL mean that there WON'T be support for home in many games AT ALL. And if you think content will be added after home releases, I ask you, does COD4 have rumble yet?

HighDefinition3870d ago

It`s **FREE**, it`s NOT complete and you have the nerve to say it hasn`t lived up to ANYONES expectations? That`s pretty f**ked up. Everyone I know who is in the BETA loves it. Wait till it comes out, since it`s **FREE** they can`t bring it out whenever they want, 2010 for all I care, then D/L it FOR **FREE** and then give you impressions. Don`t like it delete it. To seriously whine about something like HOME that`s **FREE**. Until then, don`t be such a @ss about it. Since it`s **FREE**, their doing us a FAVOR by even trying it.

lodossrage3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Um excuse me, but what makes you think you speak for anyone else?

lodossrage3870d ago

I think someone needs to stop acting like a stealth troll and find some xbox news to fill the void (meaning you thor)

PSWe603870d ago

It's an ambitious project for sure. I just wish they didn't announce a damn thing until the product was ready. Obviously it's not.

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