PixelJunk Monster Encore this week + Eden video today

I just received an email from Q Games saying:

"In theory the US and Canadian residents amongst you should only have a few more days to wait until Encore can be in your hands. I'd like to point out that the Encore pack will only work with the original Monsters from the same territory you bought it from, so you can't, say, buy the US version of Encore to upgrade your EU-Store-bought Monsters. (or vice versa - and the same goes for the Japanese version) As I have mentioned before Europe and the other territories under SCEE's banner took another couple of weeks to prepare so if everything goes to plan they should be only a couple of weeks away. However, the real reason for sending this newsletter today is to explain some of the new strategies to be had in Encore. With the Ice tower now costing zero gems and the Tesla tower costing less, you should try and work out how to use these two towers. If you play with your old strategies Encore will seem quite tough, but if you learn how to place the Teslas and upgrade the Ice towers you'll begin to see another side to the strategy not a lot of people tried before. On one of the stages all the enemies move at twice the speed and as you can imagine the Ice tower is quite useful there! Also, as a special hint, if you're having trouble on a particular stage, try the Hive! Also, in other news, we have heard that perhaps a video of the latest version of PixelJunk Eden will be shown at today's Playstation Day in London. Nothing is totally confirmed though so we'll just have to wait and see. Regards Dylan "

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