GTA vs Reality

This blogpost - although the text is non-english - shows clear comparison photos from New York City matched with resembling screenshots from GTA IV.

The images are coupled in pairs of two, the top image in each set being from real life New York City, the bottom image from GTA IV's Liberty City.

It's an interesting contrapoint to the rather negative blogpost ( at MTV Multiplayer, where a resident New Yorker felt that Liberty City misrepresents "his city".

The photos and matching ingame images clearly show how much feeling Rockstar have had with recreating a virtual New York City - however slightly twisted or not.

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Kakkoii3816d ago

Pretty much all the buildings in the comparisons are different from the real life ones LOL...

Xanj3816d ago

They could have at least made an attempt to make the screenshots similar. Instead they seem to have just thrown random pics up with random screenshots and say, "look how similar they are!" LOL.

Sanpaku3816d ago

erm, the images were not taken in context with gta iv, but still the photos taken resemble those game images. the author is in Denmark, not in New York, if you cared to read that part. LOL is so easy ...

Sanpaku3816d ago

the images disprove what that MTV blog guy said about GTA IV not representing NYC. Am I the only one able to see the similarities between each real life photo and the screenshot? It's not a "this is the spot, they built the game model from" post, rather just some real life similarities to the game and vice versa - havent seen any line it up like that before, hence the post.

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