Capcom Says Monster Hunter 3 "Looks Amazing"

Kombo reports: Recent remarks from a Capcom rep who got a sneak peek at Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii are saying that "the game already looks amazing" and more.

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gtgcoolkid4914d ago

Capcom themselves saying MH3 looks amazing, does it mean that much coming from the development company themselves?

MURKERR4914d ago

for sony,this is as bad as losing exclusivity of gta4,this would have seen ps3 sales skyrocket in Japan

keanerie4914d ago

Well it's one thing for Capcom PR to say it, it's another for a community manager to be saying it directly to the fans. Sure, it's still a case of them tooting their own horn, but it's got a bit more veracity to it -- community managers aren't supposed to be salespeople.

Lunch4914d ago

Isn't this game on the Wii?

keanerie4914d ago

Yep, it's on the Wii - a big deal 'cause all the other games were on PSP, and fans were expecting to get a HD-quality Monster Hunter when it was supposed to come out on PS3 -- many cried foul when they realized they wouldn't be getting a true "next-gen" experience with MH3.

Voiceofreason4914d ago

LOL only kids who dont understand what next gen actually means would think that..

jtucker784914d ago

VoiceofReason - In your opinion: What does next gen actually mean?

Is Wii next gen because of the motion control? So that means 360 and PS3 aren't next gen.


Is game experience, realism, physics, lighting next gen? Like Euphoria tech. (In GTA4 and the 360 and PS3 versions of Force Unleashed) (Or the frostbite engine in Bad Company.) (Real-time fire physics in the PS3 and 360 version of Alone in the dark.) Meaning 360 and PS3 are next gen, and the Wii isn't.

Or is it that you have to have either powerful hardware or a funky new controller to considered next gen? Meaning all 3 qualify.

I'm just curious what you think next gen is, as I don't think anyone on these boards can agree with what it is.

Enigma_20994914d ago

Whatever didn't come out THIS gen, or LAST gen.

This mentality that HD=next gen makes my f*cking head hurt!!!

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BubblesDAVERAGE4914d ago

I will never play it now...because i will never own a wii

keanerie4914d ago

Well, that's too bad -- I'm sure the millions of Japanese MH fanatics who DO own Wiis will be enjoying it without you.

decapitator4914d ago

Yeah...Kinda sucks but oh well. And imagine if it looks "amazing" now, it would have looked even better on a PS3.

Ah well, life goes on.

BrotherNick4914d ago

Too bad, you'll be missing out.

mistertwoturbo4914d ago

Capcom pretty much sealed the deal with the Wii in Japan. Especially by the looks of how things are going with the PSP

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The story is too old to be commented.