Video game bloggers are losers according to Glen Beck

Loot Ninja writes:

"I say nay, Glen Beck is a tool. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. Ok let me rewind and let you know why Glen Beck from CNN is a tool, he recently had a show entitled "M for Money", where he tries desperately to put a 'this game isn't for children spin on GTA IV'."

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StalkingSilence3819d ago

I'd say that I'm a bit of a loser based on how much I post on the internet related to games. And definitely that game bloggers are losers. Why such soft skin? Toughen up.

fiercescuba3819d ago

@ stalking:

Since when did it become chic to admit you are a loser because its video games? It isn't like gaming is the thing the kids who couldnt play sports did after school anymore. Video games are more relevant to society then ever and this guy can suck my ass.

taz80803819d ago

Its not about having tough skin, his argument is non-existant, he just calls all bloggers losers. That would be like saying all writers are thieves, with no backing what so ever. When he even makes the statement he stumbles through his words, my point is that who is he to label anyone. He is relevant in that he has a show on CNN, that is pretty big and I would say that calling out all bloggers is note worthy IMO.

ravinash3819d ago

I love the way he goes on about how all gamers hate him and that the ones who are bloggers are losers and all gamers...well he just doesn't care what they think.
If thats the case, why is he bringing this looks like hes been going out and reading what people are saying about him. That does not sound like that actions of someone who does not care what people think of him?

decapitator3819d ago

This, coming from a guy that I have never even heard of ? Pfffft...why should I care about what he thinks or says ?

kosha3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Omg youve never heard of Glen Beck

Neither have I

SKUD3819d ago

LOL. That makes 3 of us. I dont know who this dude is either!.

Proxy3819d ago

If you haven't heard of Glen Beck then your really are a loser!*

*According to Glen Beck.

The Closing3819d ago

I was about to say, "who?" But it seems that was already taken care of.

The Lazy One3819d ago

is kind of proving his point. If you live in america at least. He's got one of the biggest political shows on tv right now.

Video game bloggers are losers though. I was for a while and I agree completely.

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taz80803819d ago

To me I take issue with Glen Back because he throws video game bloggers all in one basket and labels them losers.

@ Stalking - Talking about video games and playing video games does not make you a loser, why would it? Video gaming is a huge industry now that has penetrated movies, tv and even cinema

taz80803819d ago

is it just me or has CNN really declined in quality?

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