Hardware Analyst Breaks Down Cost Of Xbox 360's 120GB Hard Drive

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Right now, I can buy a 120GB hard drive to drop in a PlayStation 3 for $44.99 from To do the same thing with an Xbox 360, it'd cost me $179.99.

But why does it cost so much?

Microsoft has claimed that comparing their plug-and-play hard drive is akin to comparing apples to oranges, that Microsoft goes the extra mile to ensure the customer can simply slap their hard drive on a machine and it'll work.

MTV Multiplayer contacted iSuppli, a company with a long history of examining consumer gizmos to discover their real cost. We had them look at Microsoft's 120GB hard drive and estimate whether - or how much - the company's marking it up."


Right now, I can buy a 120GB hard drive to drop in a PlayStation 3 for $69.99 from [Update: I’d previously listed this as $44.99 with an incompatible drive]. To do the same thing with an Xbox 360, it’d cost me $179.99.

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mistertwoturbo3869d ago

There is absolutely no excuse why it should cost $179.99

Z F1GHT3RS3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

The hard drive that THEY are describing on Newegg, for $44.99, will not fit into the PS3. The hard drive needs to be a 2.5″ not 3.5″. THEY MIGHT WANT TO Get your facts straight before postinG.

Tarasque3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Ummm.....You can get it for 149.99. But that still does not justify the cost.

Silellak3869d ago

Sure there is.

The excuse is "dumb people will pay for it."

Stubacca3869d ago

It's all a ploy to make more money.

I hate how the 360 is geared that way. All about maximising revenue and screwing over gamers. It's like Xbox Live. Why should we pay for it? It's nothing that spectacular, it should be free.

Microsoft seem to want everything in your wallet right away.

By the way, you can get 400gb 2.5 SATA HDDs on eBay now.:)

wow4u3869d ago

"Right now, I can buy a 120GB hard drive to drop in a PlayStation 3 for $69.99 from ****[Update: I’d previously listed this as $44.99 with an incompatible drive].****"

Second, iSuppli said it costs $100 for MS to product;

"drives are then delivered to Microsoft. iSuppli believes the markup on the drives could be as much as $20, making the drives $100 a pop for Microsoft"

And, the drives are then shipped and marked-up at retail... this certainly takes the wind out of all the "ms charges too much" nonsense.

ZeroXMD3869d ago

There is no reason they should charge that much, period. It's a ripoff. Hell, they charge 50 bucks for a 512 mem card. I was at hastings and saw a gig mp3 player for 20, then went to check Mem cards (i was going to the store to buy the console but was torn on arcade or 20gig bc of money) and saw it was 50. Plus, the xbox trials and all that crap is on the 360 itself (why would they offer an HDD-less version if it didn't have it on there). they rip ppl off, period. The freaking wi-fi adaptor (a USB wifi adaptor) is 100 dollars. You can get one for your pc for half that at staples (and half that online) It's the only way they can make profit off the console. It is how they can afford to have it be cheaper and come out a year earlier. I know that neither sony or MS make money off consoles, but even sony doesn't charge that much for it's peripherals. I mean come on, they charge 10 extra bux for the "limited edition" halo controller that is still in overstock. Like I said, quit sucking their stuff dude and accept they jip us

lessthanmarcus3869d ago

...I had to pay 100 dollars for a WiFi adapter when even the DS has one included?

JasonXE3869d ago

The hdd for the 360 is not a regular pc hdd but a "laptop" 7200rpm hdd. Thats about 100-110 buxs plus the preloaded content as stated above. There aren't making much of a profit off of it and 149 buxs is a good deal. Should hopefully go down in time.

i Shank u3869d ago

MS peripherals = no buy. this and the $100 wireless adapter are nuts. i remember last gen it was $30 something bucks to enable DVD playback on the original xbox, wish they'd quit trying to charge for everything

xplosneer3869d ago

The PS3's HDD is "laptop" too and they can still pick it up for $69.99.

mistertwoturbo3869d ago

I cant believe that some of you guys are actually trying to defend the price. Boggles my mind. For $149.99, all you need is $120 more and you got yourself a brand spanking new X360 core. Or heck, that's more than two full priced games. Games like GTA IV, or Bioshock, or Mass Effect, or Gears of War, or Gears 2 etc. etc.

There's no way to spin this. Microsoft is screwing people up the rear end with this one. And judging by some of the people's responses like N4user, they like being rammed.

samfk3869d ago

its more money but alot easier to fit. still thats no excuse for the price diff !!!

LJWooly3869d ago

Anyone remember the PS3 being called the "Pay"Station 3? Sounds stupid now, doesn't it?

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MikeGdaGod3869d ago

can you say..........RIP OFF!!!

gaffyh3869d ago

Simple as that, no explanation needed. Bubbles

Bnet3433869d ago

They need to make money somehow ...

miganda3869d ago

i have this drive. and although i do use it alot, the price did make me take a triple look. and that was a year ago. and the price still hasn't gone down.

crck3869d ago

Popped it out of the case and put it in my PS3. 250GB for under $100 compared to $180 for 120GB. Get your head out of your @ss MS and stop trying to rip off the hardcore gamers that would use this extra space to guess what? Yeah buy stuff off your marketplace which you already make 30% commission on.

ceedubya93869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Its still too expensive. I really want to get this one, as eventually I may actually run out of space. But the price has been, and still is scaring me off. For that amount of money, I could buy a Rock Band bundle, or at least 3 really good games. I'm not about to pass up 3 good games for that.