N4g Live PS day conference blog

Don't want to look anywhere else apart from you've favorite gaming website?
well just hit the link for live updates.

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Ace Ventura3870d ago

Sweet dude, this is cool.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago

Props to the N4G staff for going above and beyond your usual service and providing us directly with Playstation Day information as and when it happens.

I know others will provide a similar service, IGN etc but there is nothing wrong with supporting N4G as well.

yeh3870d ago

Surprised this got approved over my IGN Live Blog that was posted before this one. Kinda upsetting.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago

Both have been approved so you can stop the moaning. This is N4G, are you really surprised that their news was approved first?

cloud3603870d ago

i would approve if i9t was an n4g blog or forum

ign sucks

Skerj3870d ago

It got approved quick because people reading the forums at the time and saw Jay's post approved it when he posted it up, myself included.

cloud3603870d ago

amazine community

i will star posting n4g exlusives from now

King20083870d ago

If you want ign then go to ign....if you have a paid account. Thats the main reason I think ign sucks. Props to N4G for this live blog....anticipating info.

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The story is too old to be commented.