Gamertell Review: Echochrome for PS3

Gamertell has posted its very positive review of Sony's M.C. Escher-inspired downloadable game, Echochrome.

In the game you twist the camera to change the perspective and alter how the various platforms, stairs, and holes interact to give your generic mannequin a path to the next goal.

From the review: "Echochrome is a rather odd yet innovative game that perfectly exemplifies the ideals of Escher's iconic art. To play, you twist the perspective of wireframe, Escher-esque platforms to allow a generic humanoid avatar (aka mannequin) to reach ghostly humanoid goals (aka echoes). The result is a perplexing puzzle platformer that is simultaneously easy and dizzyingly difficult."

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Cwalat3870d ago

call me stupid but that's a Awesome score ;D

i knew it.