PSM3: Iron Man Review - A superhero game that's more than a little rusty

PSM3 writes: "Question: if Iron Man can fly, why has he stumbled into every pitfall of the superhero genre? His game is messy, confusing and, at best, about as good as Catwoman or Batman Begins. Which is not good at all.

In this game of the film of the comic, you are the titular Iron Man - crippled billionaire inventor Tony Stark - in his rocket-booted iron suit, out to thwart evildoers. At heart it's a shoot-'em-up with a great deal of air-to-surface combat, although you can land anywhere and punch things. Mostly though, the gameplay boils down to 'shoot orange targets - blue targets optional'.

Worse, there's zero skill involved in the shooting itself - holding i fires your repulsors just as quickly as tapping it rapidly, and the auto lock-on makes it impossible to miss, even from miles away."

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